38 Beautiful Christian Names For Girls Beginning With The Letter K Trending In June 2023

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Choosing your baby’s name is one of the happiest and most momentous periods of anyone’s life. Scroll down to find out more.

Deciding the name of your baby is undoubtedly an important decision for parents. A name not only reflects the personality of an individual, but also represents the religious and historical contexts. Parents start searching for the perfect name for their child even before their baby is born. Choosing your baby’s name is one of the happiest and most momentous periods of anyone’s life. If you’ve been looking for a stunningly beautiful name for your baby, take a look below at our compiled list of Christian baby names beginning with the letter K.

Christian girl names beginning with the letter K


Kaira – Peaceful

Kamila – Perfection

Karena – Beloved

pure karina

Kasey – Brave

Karishma – Miracle

Kefira – Young Lioness

Keny – Brilliant


Kirstin – Follower of Christ

Clara – Brilliant

Kyrah – Friendly


Kaari – A strong girl

Kaena – Praised

Kaitlin – The Pure-Hearted

Kalie – The One Who Gives Comfort

Kalla – Princess

Kallista – bright eyes

Kandace – Charming

Kandra – Light

Karly – A person with a loud voice

Karyme – Attractive

Karma – Destined for good things

Kasey – An energetic person

Katharine – A powerful person

Katia – Elegant

Katrina – Someone Melodious


Keana – A bold person

Keila – Crowned Person

Keanna – Curious Guy

Kenda – A conscious person

Kiersten – Blessed

Kiira – Teacher

Kira – A cheerful person

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Kristin – Someone with a lot of energy

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