5 Things iPhones Can’t Do

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There are still 5 things iPhones can’t do yet: features that other popular mobile phone brands have already built into their phones and devices.

Apple is the most desired device on planet earth, Apple can’t do certain things, or it’s built smartly, its unit can’t be upgraded like an Android can be customized.

1. Wireless and fast charging:

iPhones still don’t come with a wireless charging and fast charging feature. Mobile brands like Samsung, Google, and LG have features that allow users wireless charging capability on their mobile phones. However, the iPhone did not yet feature the wireless charging feature. Also, phones like the Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 come with USB-C fast charging capability, which happens to be significantly faster than the iPhone’s Lightning connector charging capability.

2. Expandable Storage:

iPhones do not come with expandable storage capacity. Other brands of mobile phones allow their users the option of expanding storage through SD cards that go into the SD card slots that come with those mobile phones. iPhones have yet to come up with any features that would allow the user to have the option to expand their storage in such a way. Users have to stick to the amount of storage that the iPhone initially comes with, when they are purchased. Although Apple really got some great storage, the upgrade option is left out intentionally.

3. Multiple phone numbers:

iPhones have yet to feature a feature that allows users to use multiple phone numbers on a single phone, since they don’t have the option to put in multiple SIM cards. This can be a hassle for users who want to combine multiple phone numbers. For example, many users prefer to combine and use their work phone number and personal phone number on the same phone. Apple will likely never make dual-SIM features any time soon.

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4. Third Party Browsers:

iPhone users do not have the freedom to choose their own default browser on their phones. Even if you do, external links open with safari. Other phones give their users the freedom to have this option. For example, Android users can choose their own default browser on their phones. iPhones come with Safari as the default browser and users should continue to use it. They do not have the option of using third-party browsers. Android users can basically use any browser as the default.

5. Third Party Messaging Apps:

Another feature that iPhone users are deprived of is the option to use third-party messaging apps. iPhone users have to use the built-in Messages app that the phones come with. However, Android users have a choice when it comes to their preferred messaging app from various third-party apps.

Although the features mentioned above are not present in iPhones that have been released so far, we hope that iPhones in the near future will integrate these capabilities because they will offer users more convenience and freedom of choice. The current top notch features of the iPhones along with its beautiful design and interface combined with the above mentioned features would only further increase the demand for this highly popular mobile phone brand.

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