51 Popular And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With The Letter D In May 2023

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your name is the only thing that will describe your entire identity and personality; your name alone will set you apart from everyone else in the room.

Is it good news that you and your spouse are about to become parents, or bad news that you just welcomed a beautiful little princess into your home? In all circumstances, you should look for a simple, unique and memorable name for your child. Also, naming a child is a great occasion that can be enhanced with a nice name for the child.

“What is a name?” asked William Shakespeare. In this case, your name is the only thing that will describe your entire identity and personality; your name alone will set you apart from everyone else in the room. Surprisingly, naming a child is one of the most important, memorable and exciting days in the life of any parent.

A name can also have particular characteristics, such as being easy to pronounce, fitting one’s personality, pleasant to listen to, and having significant meaning. Finding the perfect name for your child can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. So we have compiled a list of some of the simplest, most meaningful and unique names for your child. So, without wasting any time, you can select any name from the list below for your child.

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Unique Christian baby names with the letter “D”

  1. Dalee–Valley
  2. Dalena – A way of dale
  3. Dahlia – Flower
  4. Dalit – Running water
  5. Delphina: used to refer to a blue, bell-shaped flower.
  6. Damaris – Smooth, calm, calf
  7. Danae – bright and pure
  8. Danah – A form of dana
  9. Danee – God is my judge
  10. Dani – Judged by God
  11. Danica – Morning Star
  12. Daneila – God is my judge
  13. Danielle – Judged by God Alone
  14. Danikka – Morning Star
  15. Danit – Judged by God
  16. Daphne – Pretty nymph
  17. Davonna – Well Beloved
  18. Dawnn – Born at dawn; of the day
  19. Dayannara – Resembling a bird of prey
  20. Dayla – Dayla
  21. Dayle – A valley shape
  22. Dayleen – Hollow or Valley
  23. Daysi – A form of Daisy
  24. Deann – From the valley; a church official
  25. Deanndra – Strong and feminine
  26. Debborah – Resembling a bee
  27. Daphnee – From the laurel tree
  28. Dara – Compassionate
  29. Daralis – Beloved
  30. Daria – Luxury rich woman
  31. Dariann – A gift
  32. Daana – Female from Denmark
  33. dae-day
  34. Dafna-Laurel
  35. Daicy – Connoisseur
  36. Daija – Ya
  37. Daina – A form of dana
  38. Daisey – A form of daisy
  39. Daisy – Of the day
  40. Daisy – Flower and eye of the day.
  41. Daja – Ya
  42. Dakota–Friendly
  43. Darleen – Means honey
  44. Darra – Angel of rains and rivers
  45. Darria – Good Fortune or Wealth Processing
  46. Dasia – Gift of God
  47. Dathan – Pertaining to a source
  48. Dava – Beloved davan – Beloved
  49. Davida – Beloved
  50. Davine – The Beloved
  51. Davinna – Beloved
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