7 Useful Ways to Find Someone on Facebook

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7 Useful Ways to Find Someone on Facebook

Facebook, being one of the most popular social media platforms, presents users with high chances of finding a person online. It doesn’t matter if you have mutual friends or not, just use Facebook’s search by name feature and you will surely have access to them.

In fact, with the latest updates, the platform even allows you to add more information, such as the location of the person you’re looking for, for faster and more accurate results. Since most of their information is added to their profiles by users themselves, you can inherit this information to find someone on Facebook with a snap of your fingers.

So if you’re looking for ways to find someone on Facebook, you’ve come to the right stop. Here I have accumulated seven different ways that you can use to search for people on Facebook.

How to find someone on Facebook?

Finding someone on Facebook is absolutely easy, so if you’re having any difficulty locating someone, it’s probably because you’ve enabled your privacy settings and blocked their profile. With privacy settings enabled, member details are not displayed in public searches.

But let’s hope that the person we are looking for on Facebook has not enabled this setting on his profile and figure out how to find people on Facebook.

Start by Facebook name search

The first and foremost method by which you should start searching for someone on Facebook is by searching by name. You can easily search for someone by name and narrow down the results. But there are some tips for Facebook name search features, take a look:

  • If you’re only looking for people, click People to avoid unnecessary business pages or tags with the same name.
  • Be sure to use the filter on the left for more relevant and useful results, like if you were looking for one of your colleagues, use the Work there filter.
  • You can even click on City and search by the city for which they have completed the information.
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You can even search for someone on Facebook with a picture if you have a picture of someone and want to locate their Facebook ID.

Search by your school or workplace

If you’re wondering how to find someone on Facebook without knowing their name, you’ll be pleased to find that there are ways to do it. But there must be something you need to know about them, like where they study or where they work.

You can even start by looking for them in their businesses or anything you think is related, and they may have updated their Facebook profile with that.

Look at your friend’s friends

If you think that the person you are looking for could be a mutual friend of one of your friends. In this case, you can simply look at your friend’s Facebook friends list and find the one you’ve been looking for. Here’s how to find people on Facebook using your friend’s friends list:

  • Just visit the friend’s profile to see their Facebook friends list.
  • There, you can see all your friends, recently added ones, mutual friends, and others.
  • Another way to do the same thing is by browsing through the People You May Know section. Shows you a list of potential people based on other mutual friends of yours that you may know.

Note: Facebook also allows people to hide their friends from their profiles. So if you’re sure the person you’re looking for is on your friends list but still can’t find them, this is probably why.

Find them in public groups

facebook group

If you’re still wondering how to find someone you don’t know on Facebook or looking for more ways to find someone on Facebook without a name, I might have something else for you.

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There are many public groups on Facebook that you can use to find people on Facebook. If you know something that might interest the person you’re looking for, you can search for it in some famous groups. Once you’re on that group’s page, visit the members or people section and click the search bar to find someone on Facebook.

Advice: Be sure to search public groups; private ones will require you to be a member before you can peek at other members of the group.

Use phone number to find someone on Facebook

Let’s now see how to search for a person by phone number in the Facebook query. It may have happened that you received a call from an unknown person, and the person sounded familiar to you, but somehow you couldn’t figure out who he was. You might want to take help from Facebook here.

Facebook has a feature where you just type in the phone number of the person you are looking for and some related searches will appear. You might have some luck digging up some old posts that may contain that phone number, and you may find the person who called you.

find with phone number

You can even use the filter option to narrow down the results, like you can use the date filter to see the latest or oldest posts on the same thing.

Please use the app for more related information

Something else you can use on Facebook to find someone’s presence on some other platform. For example, there may be chances that you have found someone’s profile on Facebook, but they are the least active there. In this case, you can dig a bit into their profile and see if they are active on other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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If this information is not available on your profile, you can check your profile URL. Every URL on Facebook has a unique username, you can use that username to search for your presence on other social networks. Just paste that username into any search engine like Google and see what comes up.

Use advanced search on Facebook

Last but definitely not least, the solution we have to solve the query ‘how to find someone on Facebook’ is to use advanced search on Facebook. Even if you only know their name, you can use this feature to locate anyone on Facebook.

You can simply add more filters in the search to get first-hand results, like applying the city filter if you know where you live, or the education filter if it’s someone from your school or university. This works most of the time as the filter gives deeper results.

final thoughts

It doesn’t matter which method showed you the results, what matters is that you got the results, and even if you didn’t, don’t give up. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so keep trying and keep applying Facebook’s advanced search features, you never know which one might help you.

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