90 Best Instastories Alternatives to View Instagram Story Anonymously

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InstaStories is like an anonymous Instagram viewer, which is the best way to describe it. Because it does more than just show stories. It allows you to see other things on Instagram, such as attractive photos and videos from private Instagram profiles.

Since you don’t need to sign up for an account to use this site like StoriesDown, this won’t leave any sign of who you are. InstaStories is a web-based tool that doesn’t require you to sign up or prove who you are. It works on all platforms because all you need is a web browser to access it.

This page discusses all aspects of Instastories and everything you need to know.

What is Instagram Story?

Because it’s easy to use, Instastories is a lot of fun. You only need a username to log into any Instagram account that is open to the public. You don’t need an account or register, you just need to give this website a valid username. It will give you instant access to any public account you want.

You can view stories, highlights, photos, and videos without the account owner knowing. The content can also be downloaded in high quality. Although it looks good, its interface can be difficult to understand.

We had a hard time finding the text box where we could type a username. It seems to be buried under a lot of additional information. But once we found the text, we couldn’t complain about anything else.

Featured Features on Instastories

InstaStoriesViewer is a free service that allows you to view Instagram stories from open accounts without login. The platform’s features are free, you can view stories anonymously, and you don’t have to do anything other than enter your Instagram handle.

  • Instagram story viewer
  • 100% anonymous
  • Public profiles only
  • View Insta Stories Anonymously
  • Watch and download IGTV
  • View accounts in any language
  • View stories, photos, videos and highlights anonymously
  • No account or registration needed
  • Download high quality content
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In addition to having a confusing interface, Instastories is a fun and easy way to view Instagram Stories. From anonymous account access to high-quality downloads, the tool does everything it is supposed to do in the best possible way.

View and download Instastories anonymously

You can look at someone’s profile or Instagram stories without them knowing. Your name will be hidden and you will be able to stalk, download and view someone else’s Instagram account and stories without them knowing.

90 Best Instastories Alternatives

Are you looking for a service like Instagram Stories? There are so many options. Well, I have put together a list of the best websites like Instagram Stories, and all of them have great community features too. Stop looking. We have put together a list of the best alternatives to Instastories.

  1. Pikdo.info
  2. storiesig.net
  3. dumpor.com
  4. storiesig.info
  5. analisa.io
  6. imgkoa.com
  7. Imginn.com
  8. mystalk.net
  9. IGSearch
  10. anonigviewer.com
  11. fullmoviehd4k.com
  12. pixwox
  13. dulcegram.com
  14. Saveig.org
  15. Storiesdown.com
  16. see instagram
  17. starngage.com
  18. storistalker.com
  19. linktr.ee
  20. Story Saver for Instagram
  21. InstaNavigation
  22. instasaved.net
  23. picterio.com
  24. Instazu.com
  25. smihub.com
  26. picosico.org
  27. Gramhir
  28. pictame.com
  29. hayko.tv
  30. keepface.com
  31. Historiasig.app
  32. ninjaoutreach.com
  33. lambda.dance
  34. alexairan.com
  35. greatfon.es
  36. sapp.ir
  37. piwox.com
  38. In the store
  39. picuki.com
  40. tiktok.com
  41. 4ins.upper
  42. instaxyz
  43. T.me
  44. apkun.com
  45. telemetry
  46. jolygram.com
  47. Theinstaprofile.com
  48. igblade.com
  49. hypeauditor.com
  50. waiting.cc
  51. StorySaver.net
  52. saveimgs.com
  53. Xn–r1a.website
  54. pikdo.biz
  55. Anon-instastories.online
  56. 4trombones.com
  57. izoomtu
  58. tumbral.com
  59. fullinsta.foto
  60. ingramer.com
  61. instajust.com
  62. exolyt.com
  63. picpaw.netlify.app
  64. instastory.net
  65. Insta-stories.ru
  66. hotinfluencer.com
  67. woomy.me
  68. Insta-stories.online
  69. tgchannels.org
  70. telete.in
  71. bigsta.net
  72. ejiga.com
  73. tgstat.com
  74. splus.ir
  75. digsty.com
  76. www.stagramsite.com
  77. QuickSave
  78. wisgoon.com
  79. elmanual.com
  80. picboon.com
  81. installr
  82. telegram.me
  83. urlebird.com
  84. 4K Estogram
  85. speakrj.com

Can you see who views your Instagram story?

As soon as your Instagram story is live, people will start seeing it for the next 24 hours. Instagram videos only show the total number of views and not the names of the people who viewed each video. Instastories, on the other hand, shows you the names of everyone who has viewed your Stories.

But you are the only one who can see the list of who has viewed your Instagram story. There is no way to know how many times the same person has viewed your Stories.

The advantages of viewing anonymous stories

Spy on competitor content

I accept that a user does not always need to know if a competitor is looking at their content. In that case, seeing without being seen is the best option. So, you can improve your business strategy on Instagram by looking at the Stories, IGTV, and other content that your competitors are posting.

Spy without having an IG account

If you deleted your Instagram account because you don’t want to deal with it anymore but still want to see the InstaStories of the people you care about, you can join the ranks of the stalkers. With all the online stalkers we have now, you can watch IG Stories without giving your real name if you don’t have an account.

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Weird spying on ex-girlfriend or boyfriend

People tend to be curious, but only up to a point. This is especially true when it comes to an ex girlfriend or boyfriend. In this case, you can use Instastories anonymous browsing to satisfy your curiosity without the other person knowing.

The Cons of Anonymous InstaStories Watching

Information theft

It’s one of the worst things that can come from following someone. Users can steal information and use it for their own business plans or have someone else do it for them. This is especially true of business theft. But this does not happen very often.

Any way you look at it, if you put information on the Internet, people can use it (but only for their own purposes, not for business), and that’s okay. That is what it means to be open.

Bullying affects people’s mental state, especially their vulnerability

No one wants to be the person being followed and constantly feeling bad anxiety. But this happens when the bully (usually using a fake account) starts making rude comments or doing other things on Instagram that affect your account.

Now “dumb” users can stay away from you by “blocking” them or creating a private account.

Constant spying on ex-girlfriend or boyfriend

Sometimes being curious can lead to something bigger and you can’t get rid of people who are always watching you. You want to forget the past, but sometimes it’s hard.


With Instagram Stories, social networks have received a breath of fresh air. The format has exploded across all platforms, proving that people want this type of content right now. It’s a lot of fun creating Instagram Stories, and it’s even more fun when you can keep them interesting by trying new things.

Do not use only the functions that Instagram offers you. You can keep your content interesting without wasting hours of your time by being more creative and trying different tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Instastories

What are Instagram Stories?

August 02, 2016 Today we’re launching Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you share every moment of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. When you share more than one photo or video, they all appear at once in a slideshow format. This is your story.

Is InstaStories anonymous?

InstaStories is a free service that allows you to read public Instagram profiles without giving your name. With the help of our platform, you can secretly track highlights and stories, live streams (online streams, streams, and stream recordings), posts (photos, videos, and text), likes, comments, and subscribers.

How can I see Instagram stories without an account?

Type the person’s “username” into the “search bar” and press “Enter” or click the “magnifying glass” icon on the right. Don’t forget hyphens, underscores, periods, or other punctuation marks in your username. Once the profile appears, click on the “circled profile icon” to access your stories.

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Why Instastories RU not working?

If you’re still having trouble loading Instastories, try clearing the app’s cache. This will delete any temporary data on your device, which could be what’s wrong. Go to your phone Settings and tap on Apps to clear Instagram cache.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram highlights?

No, you can’t see how often your Instagram Highlights are viewed. Instagram only shows the number of views and who viewed them. It doesn’t show how many times someone looked at something.

Can people see who viewed your Instagram?

Can you see who is looking at your Instagram? Instagram users can’t see who’s looking at their profiles. So if you look at someone’s profile but don’t like or comment on a post, you won’t know who viewed the photos.

What devices does Instastories support?

Instastories works perfectly on any modern device: in the browser of computers, tablets and phones (iPhone, Android).

What can be downloaded or viewed using the istories.site web service?

From any open page on Instagram, you can view and download Instastories, highlights, live broadcasts (streams), posts and profile photos.

Is the Instagram story viewer safe?

Certainly. It is safe and easy to use Instagram anonymous story viewer.

Does the Instagram story viewer work?

Yes of course. To view and download Instagram Stories, you need to enter your username in the Instagram story viewer downloader. If you choose the right profile and click on it, you can view and download the Instagram stories without being known.

How to access downloaded Instagram content?

If you have a computer, it’s easy to download and watch the stories, photos, and videos in the download folder. If you have a phone, for example, you can find it in your gallery.

In what format can we download InstaStories?

When you download stories from InstaStories, you’ll get the best and most original quality 100% of the time. The JPEG format will be used to download photos and videos.

Can I download someone’s Instagram stories?

Yes, the InstaStories tool allows you to view and download Instagram stories without giving your name. With InstaStories.net, you can download stories and even full profile.

How long are Instagram stories on average?

A single Instagram Story can be up to 15 seconds long. When a story is longer, the app or website splits it into multiple 15-second clips.

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