According to Chanakya, if you want to control people, you should follow these tricks

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Chanakya in his Chanakya Neeti has mentioned how we should try to persuade anyone to listen to us. According to Chanakya, how to persuade others…?

Convincing someone is a very difficult task, but few people have this quality. In Chanakya’s Niti, the great Chanakya scholar has said a few things about this, with the help of these people one can make others obey their words or control them. For this, it is necessary to correctly identify the person. You can have this quality by adopting these methods mentioned in the Chanakya Neeti.

Look at those methods mentioned by Chanakya.

1. Very difficult for these people to interpret: Acharya Chanakya’s policies are very popular not only at home but also abroad. Chanakya says that if Chanakya principles are adopted in our life, everyone can achieve success and happiness in life. It is important that we have complete information or knowledge on any subject before entrusting it to the general public or giving them information on any subject. Above all, sometimes there are many people around us who do not change their mentality no matter how hard we try. We have to follow a method to change their mindset.

2. Greedy person: Chanakya Neeti says that a greedy person can only be persuaded by giving money. That means you can’t woo a greedy person without money by any means. They will agree with you only when you give them some money.

3. Arrogant person: To persuade or control an arrogant person you have to bow down to him. They accept you begging with folded hands or bowing their heads. Or do what you say. Arrogant people think that their path is the right one. They do not value the words of others for their own reasons.

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4. Stupid person: If you want to convince a stupid person, after seeing his mentality, you must work according to him. This will make him happy and he will trust you. Only then can he be persuaded to do something.

5. Smart person: The same smart person can be convinced of any matter by telling the truth and logic, but for this, you also need to be smart, otherwise they will not listen to you under any circumstances.

Didn’t Chanakya know what kind of people we should try to persuade through his politics…? Before persuading someone, it is better to understand his personality correctly, and then change his behavior according to his nature.

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