According to Chanakya Niti, these 5 things will burn people without fire

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The secret of a happy married life according to Chanakya

Chanakya, through one of his principles, mentioned 5 things that can burn a man without fire. This article lets us know what these things are and what they mean and what Chanakya is trying to convey through this.

Complaining to the wife, disrespecting brothers and sisters, staying in debt, serving a wicked master, staying poor, and living among the wicked and selfish are all ideas that a man can burn without fire. Do you know how all these things can burn a man without fire..?

live without wife

A husband and wife relationship is like two cycles of married life. Whether one of the wheels is broken or not, the vehicle will not run for long. Even gentlemen cannot bear being separated from their wives for long. Chanakya says that his life without his wife would be like burning in fire.

shame of brothers

In this world, after parents and spouse, the only person a person considers as his own is his brothers and sisters. He can’t bear that person being insulted by his brothers and sisters who know him as the life of him. Being insulted by brothers and sisters means burning without fire. People can never forget the humiliation they received from their brothers and sisters.

a person in debt

A person who is burdened with debt constantly suffers from the inability to pay the debt. Such a person feels like a burden all the time and for such a person, this burden burns without fire.

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serving an evil master

Chanakya says that if a person knows that the teacher whom he is serving in his life is evil or bad, serving him again and again without leaving his company is like burning without fire. Such a person burns in the fire of complacency.

Living among evil and selfish people

Nobody likes to live among the wicked and selfish. Every person wants to have the company of those people who love him the most with a sincere and true heart. Chanakya says in his Chanakya Niti that living among the wicked and selfish is like burning without fire.

be poor

If poverty is written in one’s destiny, no one can change it. Living in poverty is like burning without fire. In such a situation, a person cannot do anything but force himself to live in it.

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