According to Vidur Neeti, those people who have these 6 habits never get happiness in life.

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According to Vidur Neeti, those people who have these 6 habits never get happiness in life.

Only when our soul is pure can we smile on our faces. In Vidura Neeti, 6 habits of man are mentioned. A person with these 6 habits can never be happy in his life. What are those bad habits..? You too can have these bad habits, be careful.

In Vidura Neeti, many important things are mentioned for human life to be successful. It is said that a person who follows these in life will get rid of all his miseries. In Vidura Neeti there are mentioned 6 habits of some human beings that never allow them to be happy. But the life of a person who gives up these habits is full of happiness. Let us know what these practices are.


A person jealous of others can never live happily. Such a person, despite having everything, looks at others and becomes jealous of what they have.


Every human being hates something or someone. According to Vidura Neeti, a person who hates his society, his companions and associates or his inner feelings can never live happily.


The habit of getting too angry can ruin a person’s life. In anger, a person loses awareness of himself. He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. In such a situation, an angry person is always unhappy.


It is said that the more satisfied a person is, the better their life will be. A person who is not satisfied with anything is always unhappy. Any individual should be satisfied with his things because not everyone can have everything. He must be satisfied with what God has given him.

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The habit of doubting destroys the life of any person. An overly skeptical person is always unhappy. Because a skeptic always lives in fear.

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