Aiden Fucci Trial and Tristyn Bailey Parents Stacy Forrest: Full Incidence Details

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Aiden Fucci

Aiden Fucci is said to have murdered thirteen-year-old cheerleaders. Sources say that she murdered her classmate. The killer could be sentenced to life in prison. This comes under first degree murder. The murder took place on her mother’s day.

Aiden Fucci Trial and Tristyn Bailey Parents Stacy Forrest

He plunged a knife into the victim’s stomach. He was arrested the same day. He has admitted his crime and feels guilty about it.

He was found with a knife in his hand and his clothes stained with bloodstains. When he was jailed, he began to behave differently.

His behavior completely changed. She began threatening the staff and other jailers. He killed her by stabbing her 114 times in the neck.

The victim was seen with the suspect prior to the murder. After she was taken to the hospital, it was discovered that she had 49 stab wounds to her arms and head.

Aiden Fucci

She was seen with many injuries showing her struggle to protect herself. Aiden is charged with first degree murder.

The victim will not get any leniency. He will be charged as an adult because the murder was intentional and not by mistake.

He was in his full consciousness as he killed her. He will be sentenced for life. He could be reviewed after 25 years.

He was on a speed dial meeting due to his mental state. It is said that she is not mentally well. The court gave the next date October 28.

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Aiden Fucci

Tristyn Bailey’s parents:

His parents reported him missing. She was found dead on May 9, 2022. She did not make it to her scheduled Mother’s Day breakfast.

Sources say Aiden’s mother is also accused of her son’s murder. She also tried to remove the bloodstains from her son’s shirt.

It is said that she is part of the murder. It’s disheartening to see a mother teaching her son to kill.


Reports come out after investigating Bailey’s body, it was discovered that she had been killed by constant stabbing.

The police found her dead on Mother’s Day. Her parents can’t believe the situation. They cry inconsolably after the death of their son.

They’re saying they want justice for their girl. There is no doubt about it. She was intentionally killed by him.

He will be punished for sure. There is no leniency in it.

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