Akhand Bharat mural on new parliament controversy explained

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A new Parliament House has been built in Delhi which is now creating a lot of controversy. You all must be thinking why parliament house is in the news and became a matter of controversy. According to multiple news websites, the “Akhand Bharat” mural in Parliament has become a matter of controversy. This mural triggers not only a furious debate on the web, but also generates international protests. The country of Nepal is the first to protest against it. Now, those people who are not aware of this news are eager to know what the mural that becomes the subject of controversy represents and why people are commenting on it. This mural has been built on the walls of the new Parliament House.

Akhand Bharat mural in the new parliament

Akhand Bharat mural on the new parliament controversy

It shows the map of “Akhand Bharat” along with the names of the accidental kingdoms of India engraved on it. Now, those who have not yet seen this mural are surely getting confused. This “Akhand Bharat” is a general term indicating the countries of Maldives, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar as one nation. The basic idea behind this, according to various Hindu nationalist organizations, is as old as the Indian or Vedic civilization and has supposedly been explained in ancient Indian scriptures. Not only this, there are different definitions of this mural that are completely based on different ideologies and perspectives.

The controversial ‘Akhand Bharat’ mural on India’s newly inaugurated new Parliament building may stoke an unnecessary and damaging diplomatic spat in the neighbourhood, including Nepal. It has the potential to further aggravate the trust deficit that already vitiates the… pic.twitter.com/dlorSZ05jn

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—Baburam Bhattarai (@brb1954) May 30, 2023

Each person has their own way of looking at it, as some see it as a cultural concept that shows the geographical and historical spread of India’s civilizations. Some see it as the political concept showing the “reunification” of the territories that were once part of accidental India or British India. Now this mural has created a lot of commotion and different reactions from people. Hindu nationalist organizations like Hindu Mahasabha and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) support “Akhand Bharat”.

This photo is the strongest statement made from the biggest house in the country! Read the names… #ViratNagar#sindhu#memory#Purushpur#UttarapathThis is the beginning of #AkhandBharat 🇮🇳🚩🙏#NewParliamentaryBuilding pic.twitter.com/2NZY8utYuS

—AadhiraSpeaks (@AadhiRaSpeaks) May 28, 2023

Someone intuits that this is just an image. But in this, the colossal meaning is behind it. You will see it in the near future, very soon. Even all Indians and I want to see with enthusiasm. #MyParlamentoMyProud #AkhandBharat pic.twitter.com/sgTgY36mOh

— Angry Young Manly (@AngryYoungManly) May 29, 2023

“It is our order that a devotee of Shiva rule this country as heaven is ruled” 🚩🚩#myparlamentomiorgullo #akhandbharat #Sengol @Narendra Modi pic.twitter.com/nCxRWd3LDV

— Shubham Tripathi (@imshubtripathi) May 28, 2023

Are we deliberately provoking our neighboring countries with this map of #India representing #AkhandBharat?

It is clear that Indian foreign policy has hit rock bottom due to the disastrous policies of @Narendra Modithe decade of . China’s rampant and aggressive advances towards… pic.twitter.com/W4ZXLlurj2

— Gaurav Prakash 🇮🇳 (@GauravPrakashSP) May 29, 2023

However, the first international protest has come from a neighboring country, Nepal. Everyone knows that this country is also a Hindu-majority state, which shows that former Prime Minister and Socialist Party of Nepal leader Baburam Bhattarai called “Akhand Bharat” controversial and also warned that it could create a row unwanted and harmful diplomatic Everyone has their own reaction and is tweeting about it. Well, what is your opinion about it? We would love to hear your opinion, so please share your thoughts with us through the comment sections.

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