All-in-one guide to give you detailed information about Amazon Home login

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All-in-one guide to give you detailed information about Amazon Home login

Take advantage of this opportunity to bring your family and friends together virtually through Amazon Household, brought to you by Amazon. With discounts and freebies, Amazon is an amazing feature for streaming and sharing media.

Let us take you through the Amazon home tour!

Here we will briefly explain how to use Amazon Household, how to share movies, videos, music and much more with friends and family, without moving an inch!

What is an Amazon home?

Amazon Household is a platform where you can securely connect with family and friends and share all the benefits of Amazon. Home feature focuses on sharing digital media: movies, videos, music with unlimited entertainment anywhere and anytime.

Let’s start with ‘Bringing the family together!’

Note: An Amazon household allows you to connect and share the benefits of Amazon Prime with the whole family.

Near or far,

Enjoy family time with Amazon Household!

Who can use Amazon Household?

Is there a specific age category or count for using Amazon Household? Let’s find out.

1. Adult (18 years or older)

Two total adults can use Amazon Household at the same time. An adult is required to create and set up the Amazon family account.

An adult can add-

  • another adult
  • Four teens (ages 13-17, teens can have their account to purchase and stream)
  • Four children (children cannot buy)

2. Adolescents (13-17 years old)

As shown above, an adult or account holder can add up to four teens to enjoy Amazon benefits.

Key Points for Teen Accounts

  1. They can access their account by signing up, anytime and whenever they want to share and stream thousands of movies and entertainment media.
  2. They can link their cards to their Amazon accounts, with parental or adult permission
  3. An adult can see what teens (younger adults) buy while keeping track of costs and reducing them.
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3. Children (12 years and under)

As shown above, an adult or account holder can add up to four children.

Key points for children

  1. They can access thousands of kids’ games, shows and movies through Amazon Kids+
  2. Child accounts are accessible to adults and teens.
  3. Children cannot use cards or buy online

Ultimate Amazon Household Benefits

  1. Free shipping (2 days) that can be shared with the whole family
  2. Unlimited photo storage that can be shared and accessed across all members of the Amazon Households family
  3. Discounts and monthly memberships for Prime Video Channels like HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ.
  4. Safe and secure media sharing with family members.
  5. Adults can monitor and track the activities of teens and children.

Now after knowing so many free features and benefits. You may want to log in to enjoy the unlimited and uninterrupted fun.

Just scroll down to learn and launch your fun page!

Log in to Amazon Household account in 3 steps

Get started by signing in to your Amazon account at

The fundamental step for everyone is to have an Amazon Prime/Amazon Account

Follow the steps below to start Amazon Household:

Sign in to Amazon account

Let’s go deeper to log in!

Step 1 – After logging into the Amazon account, go to the Accounts and Lists option on the top right

Accounts and listings in the Amazon account

Step 2 – Scroll down and go to Rental and Purchase Programs.

Amazon Account Rental and Purchase Programs

Step 3 – From here, click on the Amazon Household option to start your journey

Go to Amazon Home in the Amazon account

Sharing is caring and caring is at Amazon Household!

So let us add your family and friends.

Add people to your Amazon household

Easy-to-read steps for adults, teens, and children to sign in and use Amazon Household:

1. How to add and login as an adult?

Step 1 – Go to the Amazon Household home page and directly click on Add Adult as shown below

Add Adult in Amazon Household

Step 2 – To invite friends and family, enter their name followed by email address and click ‘continue’ to proceed

Invite family and friends to Amazon Household

Step 3 – As the following page appears, if you want to share the card details, please proceed by clicking ‘Accept and continue’; otherwise click ‘Decline and Do Not Share Profits’

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Sharing card details in Amazon Household

Note: This is a feature of Amazon Household to share your card and payment details with family and friends to use for easy online shopping and shopping.

Step 4: After choosing what you want, you will see the following page. Click ‘send invitation’ to confirm

    Send invitation on Amazon Home

Note: Once you send your invitation, it takes 14 days for it to be accepted. Within these days, if you wish, you can delete or undo the request.

2. How to add and login as teens?

Step 1 – Click directly on the Add a Teen option displayed on the Amazon home page.

Add a teen in Amazon Household

Step 2 – When the page shown below appears, go to register now and set up your teen profile

Registering a Teen Profile on Amazon Home

3. How to add and login as children?

Step 1: Go to the Amazon Household home page. And as you scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Add a child’ option

Add a child in Amazon Home

Step 2: As you see on the next page, ‘enter child’s name and date of birth’ to set up the profile

Set up the child's profile in Amazon Household

Step 3 – Set an icon by clicking cartoon stickers and click save

Save the child's profile in Amazon Household

Sometimes you are automatically kicked out of Amazon Household or denied access to use the account. In case you are-

Can’t join Amazon Household?

Let’s see why-

  • Reason 1: Amazon account has reached its user limit, as only 6 users in total can use and share Amazon Prime at a time (up to 2 adults, 2/4 teenagers, and 2/4 children)
  • Reason 2: You recently left your Amazon household or the other adult recently left your Amazon household. If one adult leaves, another adult cannot join for up to 180 days (as per Amazon policy)

Let’s see who is using your account and track them down!

How to manage Amazon content and devices?

With this feature, you will be able to check and track the content and devices being used. Just scroll down and follow:

Step 1: Go to your Amazon account home page and click ‘Account & Listings’

Go to Accounts & Lists in your Amazon account

Step 2: Go to ‘Content and devices’

Go to 'Content and devices'

Step 3: To check the content, click on ‘content’

Go to Content under Content and Devices

Step 4: Go to ‘devices’ to check how many devices are currently in use

Go to Devices under Amazon Content and Devices

How to share the benefits of Amazon Prime?

Step 1 – Sign in to your Amazon Prime account

Step 2: Go to Share Your Prime Benefits

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Step 3: Click on Manage your household

Step 4 – Enter the name and email of the person you want to enjoy Amazon benefits with

Step 5: Continue sharing access to the Wallet

Step 6: Review the terms and accept and send the invitation

How to manage your Amazon account?

Manage accounts through Amazon Household

Step 1 – Sign in to your Amazon account and go to Accounts & Lists as shown below:

Accounts and lists in Amazon Account

Step 2 – Under your Accounts and Lists, scroll down the page to see the following screen, from here click on Manage Your Profile:

Manage your profile in Amazon account

Step 3: As you see this page, simply choose the profile to edit:

Manage your profile

Step 4 – Clicking on the person’s name will prompt them to click on Prime video as shown below:

Amazon Programs

Step 5 – When the Amazon Prime page opens, you will see the title: Edit Profile. Here you can manage your account by adding or editing the users.

Amazon Prime Manage

Manage account through Amazon Prime

Step 1: Go to Amazon Prime account

Administrator profile in Amazon prime

Step 2: Choose who you want to see or if you want to add a new member, tap on the new symbols, shown below:

Add a new member on Amazon Prime

Step 3 – Add a new profile, by clicking on create a profile

create profile

Step 4: To create a profile, enter the required details as follows and click save changes:

set new profile

frequent questions

Q1. Is the Amazon Family the same as the Amazon Home?

A1. No. Amazon Family is a platform that fills you with incredible discounts and deals on baby products like baby food, diapers, and much more to shop online. In addition, it also helps you with fun and easy tips and tricks for raising children.

While Amazon Household is for sharing online media with friends and family.

Q2. Do all Amazon Household members have to have the same address?

A2. No, it is not necessary for all Amazon Household members to have the same address; Amazon Home can be set up by one of the two adults, and the other members can use it even if they don’t share the same address.

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