Alyssa Thompson’s Parents: Who are Mario and Karen Thompson?

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Alyssa Thompson Parents

Karen and Mario Thompson are the parents of Alyssa Thompson. It is said to be the wings under the wings of the rising soccer player. Let’s talk about your family next. From Los Angeles, California, Alyssa Thompson is an up and coming soccer player. The talented player now plays forward for the US National Team and Angel City Football Club. For a long time, Thompson has not been on the sports field. However, she has managed to capture the attention of numerous soccer fans with her athletic prowess. The Los Angeles native became the first high school athlete to sign a contract with a name, image and a resemblance to the famous Nike shoe brand.

Parents of Alyssa Thompson

Talking about her personal life, she has adorable sisters and supportive parents. Who are the parents of the teenage soccer star? Let’s find out. Karen and Mario Thompson are the mother and father of Alyssa Thompson, respectively. Their respective parents are said to be former athletes. They were involved in different fields during their college and high school days. Alyssa’s mother, Karen, moved across the country to play basketball during her youth. On the other hand, Thompson’s father, Mario, played basketball, soccer, and track in college and high school.

Parents of Alyssa Thompson

Alyssa Thompson also has two younger siblings: Zoe and Gisele. Gisele is also passionate about the sport of soccer. Gisele and Alyssa became the first HS athletes to sign with Nike, a shoe brand. Alyssa Thompson’s father currently works as a principal at an elementary school. Mario also said that “he is a teacher, and his children were not going to be the tallest children in the world, but they would be fast.”

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Parents of Alyssa Thompson

Alyssa Thompson’s Family Details:

Alyssa Thompson, born November 7, 2004, grew up in Studio City, which is 20 miles from Angel City’s BMO Stadium. Regarding her ethnicity, the Los Angeles native reportedly has Peruvian and Filipino ancestry. In 2013, Alyssa’s parents signed her daughter and her sister Gisele into TFA (Total Futbol Academy). In 2020, Alyssa Thompson made a verbal commitment to join the Cardinal at Stanford University. At that time she was 15 years old. In 2022, she also played in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. Well, in the small age Alyssa Thompson made a lot of achievements. And she also showed her talent to the world by working hard. She also made her parents proud and happy.

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