Amber Kinetics and the future of energy storage systems

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 flywheel energy storage system.

Amber Kinetics has found a clean and sustainable solution to the global energy crisis. While flywheels have been around for centuries, Amber Kinetics is the industry leader in manufacturing kinetic energy on a grid scale with its innovative long-life flywheel energy storage system.

What is a steering wheel? A flywheel uses a rotating steel mass connected to a dual-function electric motor to store and generate power within a vacuum. Additionally, flywheels use mechanical bearings to support the rotor as it spins.

How does a flywheel work as an energy storage system? A flywheel can be described as a mechanical battery. First, the energy produced by wind or solar farms causes the flywheel to turn. Then, when wind or solar power is not available, the flywheel motor works as a generator to produce electricity. As an energy storage system, flywheels are superior for their ability to charge in milliseconds and for the exponential increase in clean, renewable energy production.

Amber Kinetics’ unique technology provides safe, reliable, and 100% recyclable flywheels to harness solar and wind energy. Magnetic bearings allow flywheels to rotate at high speeds without friction, reducing maintenance and eliminating the need for lubrication. Plus, there’s no need for HVAC with the all-steel flywheel design, and there’s no fire or explosion hazard. At the end of the flywheel’s life cycle, Amber Kinetics works with its customers to find solutions to recycle the components.

Ruffles have been in use for centuries. When people think of flywheels they may think of pottery wheels or spindles, but they have become so much more than that. Steering wheels are currently used in electric vehicles with great success and are an integral part of the design of the International Space Station. Amber Kinetics has enhanced the standard flywheel with innovative technology that will make it a necessity for the future as an energy storage system.

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Amber Kinetics is the only long-standing producer of flywheel storage systems and has been highly successful with over a decade of experience. Its unique flywheels are 100% recyclable, 95% efficient, and have a designed life of 30 years. Other energy storage technologies can only provide electricity for a decade. In 2018, only 5% of the world’s energy was produced by wind or solar power, but the flywheels will allow us to raise that percentage exponentially. Wind and solar power are not available 24/7, but new flywheel technology will allow us to deliver cleaner electricity for longer.

The company has tested its unique flywheel design in different countries on different terrains, and it is the most sustainable energy storage system on the market. While hydropower or compressed air may work well in some areas, they just don’t produce the efficiency of the flywheel energy storage system. The Amber Kinetics flywheel is 95% efficient and has been proven to work in various climates (-20°C to 50°C) and rough terrain.

Amber Kinetics has the experience and technology to provide the world with the best flywheel energy storage systems. With 13 years of experience in different countries with different energy needs, they are the leaders in high power density technology of the future. So far, they have produced more than 70 MWh without gas emissions, without hazardous waste and without degradation.

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