American grandfather claims he lost 26kg by eating only McDonald’s meals for 100 days

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American grandfather claims he lost 26kg by eating only McDonald's meals for 100 days

Embarking on a weight loss journey is a personal and significant endeavor that requires dedication, perseverance, and often innovative approaches. In a remarkable story, a Nashville resident named Kevin Maginnis captured the nation’s attention with his unconventional strategy for losing excess weight.

Maginnis, a 57-year-old grandfather, embarked on an extraordinary weight loss journey that garnered nationwide attention.

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With a starting weight of 108 kg, Maginnis took on a unique challenge: consuming only McDonald’s meals for 100 consecutive days.

Despite the unconventional nature of his diet, Maginnis lost a staggering 26kg.

His commitment to this remarkable feat, relying solely on the fast food chain’s breakfast, lunch and dinner options, earned him widespread admiration online and catapulted him to viral sensation status.

Maginnis proudly revealed his extraordinary weight loss achievement on the last day of his challenge, stating: “Hey, don’t be sour while I eat my apple fritter and lose weight.”

During an interview with NBC’s Today Show, Maginnis shared information about her weight loss journey and offered valuable advice for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

A key aspect of Maginnis’s strategy was to practice portion control. He revealed that he would consume only half of the food provided during each session, helping him manage his calorie intake effectively.

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He consciously decided to replace soft drinks with water and eliminate alcohol and snacks throughout the 100 days.


This approach often left him hungry between meals, which he admitted was challenging but ultimately effective in achieving his weight loss goals.

Maginnis emphasized the importance of portion sizes in maintaining a healthy diet.

Addressing critics who questioned the nutritional value of her chosen diet, Maginnis acknowledged that there might be better options out there for overall health.


However, his primary goal was to combat obesity, and he emphasized that reducing meal sizes was crucial to achieving that goal.

While other nutrients may be necessary for brain health, Maginnis stressed the importance of portion control in combating obesity.

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Maginnis’s efforts showed a visible physical transformation and significantly improved his blood work. Her triglyceride levels dropped by an impressive 205 points and her cholesterol dropped by 65.

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These changes were significant for Maginnis, as he had previously been pre-diabetic but is now within the healthy range.

To stay accountable throughout her journey, Maginnis used social media, particularly TikTok, to document her progress.

His wife also joined him on the exclusive McDonald’s diet starting on day 40, and by day 65, he had already lost 18 pounds.

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