American man wins Rs 82,00,000 lottery jackpot and pledges to fund schools in Mali

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In most circumstances, winning the lottery and taking home a large amount of money allows a person to meet their needs and fulfill their dreams. But your man from the US has a completely different plan. This is what we know.

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American man wins lottery worth Rs 82 lakh

American man wins over ₹82,00,000 in

For Souleymane Sana, a New Bern resident and Mali native, a scratch win of $100,000 (Rs 82,81,000) will enable him to help alumni in his birthplace.

A North Carolina resident who won $100,000 in an instant lottery ticket says it is his “dream” to use his winnings to create additional schools in his home state.

According to the state lottery, Souleymane Sana, 39, bought his winning $30 Millionaire Maker Scratch-Off at a gas station in Kinston, North Carolina.

Sana, a dance instructor from Mali, said he founded a foundation to help people in the United States. He now he wants to do more with this new check. “I will continue to do everything possible to help build more classrooms for the children of Mali,” Sana told lottery authorities.

“That’s what really makes me happy. My dream is slowly coming true,” he concluded, “and I hope it continues.”

The lottery winner also wants to build a dance center

For Souleymane Sana, a #NewBern resident and native of #Mali, a $100,000 Millionaire Maker Scratch-Off Prize will give you the chance to help your hometown schoolchildren! Watch the video of Sana telling her story. #NCLottery

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— North Carolina Education Lottery (@nclottery) May 19, 2023

In addition to the schools, Sana said she wanted to build a dance center. “I love to dance and I want to teach the children of Mali to love it too,” she said, according to lottery officials. “If you talk about culture and education, both go together.”

According to a news release from the state lottery, Sana chose the lump sum option and got $71,259 after taxes. During his interview with lottery officials, he stated that he would continue to play Scratch-Offs to win money and help others.

Mali is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. It faces numerous economic and development challenges, including high poverty rates, limited access to education and health care, inadequate infrastructure, and a heavily agrarian economy.

The photos belong to the “Migrant Cartography” project that we have carried out with @PavlobskiRoisen for the Red Cross in countries such as Senegal, The Gambia, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger documenting their project “Assistance and protection of the most vulnerable migrants in West Africa

– Juan Luis Rod (@juanluis_rod) May 22, 2023

Mali is also struggling with political instability, armed conflicts and regional security problems, which further hinder its economic progress. The majority of the population depends on subsistence agriculture and informal economic activities for their livelihood.

However, it is important to note that while Mali faces significant economic difficulties, it is also a country rich in cultural heritage and has a resilient and vibrant population.

Efforts are being made, both internally and through international assistance, to address socio-economic issues and improve living conditions in Mali with the generous help of people like Sana.

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