Apple too: Everything you need to know from here in 2021

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Apple Too

Landing a job at Apple, one of the largest and most technologically advanced consumer technology companies, is a great achievement in itself. Apple is expected to have a great working environment with leaders to look up to, given the brand name. But surprisingly, working at Apple may not be what you expected.

What is Apple too?

Under the hashtag #AppleToo, a group of Apple employees are recreating the phrase “Me too” to tell their stories of workplace trauma at the company. While the #MeToo movement focuses on sexual harassment in the workplace, ‘Apple Too’ addresses a wide variety of topics, including racism, sexism, injustice, discrimination, bullying, suppression, coercion , abuse, unfair punishment and unchecked privileges that are allegedly a source of concern within Apple.

Cher Scarlett, an Apple security engineer, is organizing the protest. She is trying to collect all reports of unfair treatment and abuse in one place, and the initiative has already received more than 500 reports from Apple employees in less than a week. While the reports discuss various workplace difficulties, they all have one thing in common: HR department ignorance.

Scarlett’s Medium blog post has begun publishing the first round of reports, in which five employees speak out about abuse of power, sexual assault, harassment, sexism and racism.

“When we urge accountability and redress for persistent injustices we observe or experience in our work, we are greeted with a cycle of isolation, degradation, and gaslighting,” Scarlett explains why she started this initiative.

Employees say the Apple campaign is also their last resort to reveal the truth about working at Apple, and they hope it will one day change things for the better. “All internal options have been exhausted. We have discussed it with our senior management. We have gone to the Human Resources department. We have progressed through the business conduct process. There have been no changes. It’s time to think outside the box,” he continued.

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