Arrest Triptatyagi Twitter, Govt issued emergency order to block UP school video

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Arrest Triptatyagi Twitter

A video from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar is creating a stir in the country b by taking over every social networking site by storm. Here, we are talking about the UP Teacher’s Hate video. Since this video surfaced on social media, it has been continuously making noise and gathering attention from the people sparking a huge controversy and stir. People have been divided into groups, one is demanding strict action and the arrest of the accused teacher while the other group is supporting the teacher. If you are also scrambling to the web to know the incident in detail, we have brought this column to you. In the following sections, we have explained the incident and mentioned how the officials reacted to the viral video of the UP teacher. However, the accused is facing the repercussions of the viral video. You are asked to stick with this page and go through it till the end. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Arrest Triptatyagi Twitter

The teacher who is facing the consequences for her actions is identified as Tripta Tyagi, a teacher at the Neha Public School located in Muzaffarnagar. Tripta Tyagi is the principal of the school. Now she is facing the allegations of making communal remarks in the school. However, the teacher is ashamed of her egregious act as she denied the allegations and called the viral video fake and edited. Let’s discuss the viral video and know why people are becoming raged after watching the viral video. Scroll down the page.

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In the viral video, the principal of Neha Public School, Tripta Tyagi asks Hindu students to beat a Muslim classmate. The communal remarks of the UP teacher have triggered a massive outrage. The viral video also shows the teacher asking the Hindu students “Why you are beating him softly?” While the Muslim student stood breaking into tears with his face down. The student was slapped by his classmate is 7 years old. Scroll down the page and read how the accused teacher responded to the incident.

Tripta Tyagi, the principal of Nehal Public School said she is not ashamed of her egregious act. She said, “I am not ashamed. I have served the people of this village as a teacher. They all are with me,” While justifying her action, the principal of Neha Public School said it is important to control the pupils at school. “They have made laws, but we need to control the children in schools. This is how we tackle them. This wasn’t my intention. I am accepting my mistake, but this was unnecessarily turned into a big issue.”

The accused UP teacher also asserted that Hindus and Muslims live with unity in the area and the school has more Muslim students. Ms. Tyagi also added, “There was pressure from the parents of the child to be strict with him.” While calling the viral video fake and edited, Tripta Tyagi said the video was tampered with before it was posted on social media. However, she also admitted her mistake by saying, “I made a mistake by getting a student beaten up by his classmates.” Continue reading this article and learn more details.

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As a result, the hate video went viral on the internet, and strict actions and the arrest of the teacher were demanded by the people. Meanwhile, the First Investigation Report was filed and registered against the accused teacher, confirmed Aravind Mallappa Bangari who is the District Magistrate of Muzaffarnagar. A senior officer of Muzaffarnagar Police said an investigation has been started and as of now they found that the teacher had said, “The mothers of those Muslim children who do not pay attention to the studies of their wards, their academics get totally destroyed.”

The DM of Muzaffarnagar also said we have done a full investigation. On the complaint of the child’s father, we have registered a case against the accused teacher, departmental action is also being taken against the teacher. The father of the Muslim student told police, his son was forced to stand, beaten, and humiliated for hours. He further added that his son is seven years old and the teacher beat his child repeatedly by students. According to the father of the 7-year-old Muslim child, the shocking incident was recorded by his nephew who went to school for some work.

The child’s father also asserted that his son was tortured for an hour or two when he was scared. He added, “This is not a Hindu-Muslim issue. We want the law to take its own course,” The Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Brijesh Pathak also has responded to this matter. He said, “We have taken cognizance and full action will be taken.” The opposition also condemned the incident as a hate crime and targeted the BJP government. Stay tuned.

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