Australian marketing chief unveils ‘soft’ start to week with ‘core minimum Mondays’ for staff

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Australian marketing chief unveils 'soft' start to week with 'core minimum Mondays' for staff

Working on Mondays is a topic that will bring you a deafening groan from employees around the world. Somehow, saying goodbye to a relaxing and fun weekend is always a difficult task for any employee. The day seems unnaturally long and the vibes just aren’t.

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Australian boss gives green light to ‘core minimum Mondays’ for staff

Australian Marketing Chief Introduces Bear's Minimum Mondays Unsplash

Although the baby boomer generation calls this new work trend “lazy” and “unnecessary,” employees surely appreciate the much-needed change. Australian head of marketing, Caitlyn Winter, is leaning into the new trend with all her might by introducing “minimum Mondays” to her staff.

If you’re not familiar with taking the easy way out, let me explain what this new job trend is all about. The move simply promotes a “soft start” to the week. This could mean working from home on Mondays or only working half days. It can be whatever an employee wants it to be, it’s just designed in a way that is less stressful for the employee going to work on a Monday.

Many people struggle even to fall asleep on Sunday because they are worried about going to work the next day and starting the routine all over again. This new way of working is a trick to avoid this same feeling.

According to Caitlyn, this new trend will boost productivity

Bear Minimum MondayUnsplash

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Caitlyn, the Adelaide-based marketing manager, spoke about her take on the trend in a conversation with She said it was a way for her staff to take their day at their own pace and treat themselves with “space and kindness.”

She added: “A lot of people think it means I sit in my pajamas all day in front of the TV and I don’t work. But really, it’s just a day where we work from home, don’t schedule any meetings, and generally just treat each other with a little more space and kindness to prepare for a productive week ahead.”

“For us, it means not putting pressure on ourselves to do those big projects,” he explained.

She continued: “Other things we could do these days are a lot of laundry that we didn’t get to do on the weekend, go grocery shopping, plan dinners for the week, or walk your dog. For a member of my team, it means being able to drop off and pick up their children from school, which they can’t do during the week.”

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