Bacari Ogarro arrested for ‘pranks’ harassing Orthodox Jews in London

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Bacari Ogarro

A self-proclaimed prankster who films himself breaking into stores, people’s homes and stealing dogs from parks could soon find his accounts deleted due to a new law. He should read the article and continue reading for more details. Follow us for all the insights on Bacari Ogarro arrested for ‘pranks’ harassing Orthodox Jews in London.

Bacari Ogarro arrested:

Mr Ogarro has previously been arrested for ‘pranks’ harassing Orthodox Jews in London, in which he approached a young man at a bus stop, put his hands on the victim’s shoulders and tried to submerge him. Ogarro claimed that the police held him for 36 hours over the incident. Now, a minister has intervened to warn the social networking sites hosting Ogarro’s videos to take action. Paul Scully, Minister for Technology and the Digital Economy, has warned TikTok that what’s next will mean social media companies will have to remove the content.

'Pranks' harassing Orthodox Jews in London

‘Pranks’ harassing Orthodox Jews in London

A TikTok user who went viral on social media this week after filming himself entering a stranger’s house as a prank could soon see his accounts removed by social media companies, all thanks to a new law being enforced. Bacari Ogarro, who goes by Mizzy, caused outrage this week after a video of him entering a complete stranger’s London home went viral. He continues reading for more details.

Bacari Ogarro

In the video, Mr. Ogarro has seen a young family being scared, whose mother had been in the front yard sweeping and left the front door open. The video opened with Ogarro and two friends saying let’s go into random houses. He then entered the house, attracting the attention of a woman on the front lawn, before brazenly entering the hallway as young children rang out. Shocking as the video was, Ogarro has made a habit of doing similar stunts. He continues reading for more details.

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UPDATE: Bacari, still on the platform for @Youtubenow he has come up saying:

“I just know that this guy you see on social media is not me as a person. Mizzy and Bacari are two different people.”

“You’re giving me what I want…you’re sharing me everywhere.”

—David Challen (@David_Challen) May 21, 2023

Another video uploaded to his TikTok account showed him approaching an elderly woman on a park bench, picking up her dog and running. A third video showed him approaching random young women at Stoke Newington tube station and asking if they wanted to die. Other clips showed him harassing women on the Elizabeth Line; sitting on the lap of two strange women while socializing on a park bench; going into a library and destroying books; and getting in the back of strangers’ cars.

Conservative Assemblywoman Susan Hall also weighed in, calling on the Metropolitan Police to intervene. The online security bill is currently making its way through the House of Lords and will likely become law before the next general election. TikTok said they deleted the user’s account last week, however Mr. Ogarro created a new profile and quickly started uploading it. That account has now been removed as well. Thanks for being a patient reader.

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