Best Apple Arcade Games 2022 (Our Top Picks)

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What are the best Apple Arcade games in 2022? The concept of a subscription gaming service is strong and the Apple Arcade service, especially in India, offers excellent value for money. Apple Arcade, which costs Rs. 99 a month, it has a large library of games and is constantly adding new ones, allowing users to enjoy premium games without having to make any in-app purchases. Sports, racing, role-playing, and adventure are just a few of the genres represented in the collection.

Several popular franchises and classic titles have been reimagined and optimized for Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, among other Apple devices. I’ve compiled a list of the best Apple Arcade games I’ve played since the service’s inception, and these are my top picks, in no particular order.

Alto’s Odyssey – Remastered

Alto’s Odyssey Remastered, the successor to the famous Alto’s Adventure, brings back the excellent mechanics, environment design, and artistic gameplay of its predecessor. Alto’s Odyssey is a standard endless running game that has been optimized for Apple Arcade and features fascinating objectives that become more challenging as you progress, as well as an upbeat soundtrack and a special new “Lost City” biome for the platform. .

Another significant difference is the landscape, which has changed from snowy mountain slopes to a much larger globe with sandy desert terrain, ancient ruins, and climbable rocky cliffs. Alto and his companions, the central protagonists, return with all their powers intact. Also, if you like the original setting and gameplay, Alto’s Adventure is now available in a remastered edition on Apple Arcade.


Creaks is a beautiful and enigmatic world with stunning artwork, evocative music, and challenging puzzle-solving mechanics from renowned indie game developer Amanita Design. The player assumes the role of a nameless and mild-mannered protagonist who descends from his bedroom to a mansion inhabited by strange but friendly Victorian-era birds in this side-scrolling platform game.

While there is plenty to see and do as you explore, the focus of the game is on solving puzzles. These take the form of discovering how to avoid numerous monsters that transform into household items when exposed to light. Creaks is best played with headphones because the soundtrack is very important to the game.

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mini highways

Mini Motorways is, in my opinion, the best casual game available on Apple Arcade right now and one I return to frequently. The premise of the game is simple: you use an intricate network of roads, bridges, tunnels, roundabouts, and traffic lights to connect homes and workplaces. This procedure, like that of any rising metropolis, will become more challenging over time. The higher your score, the longer you can keep the network running without crashing due to overload.

Cityscapes are modeled after real-world locations with similar physical qualities, such as Los Angeles, Dubai, Munich, Beijing, and many others, adding to the game’s appeal. The dynamic soundtrack adjusts to your ability to maintain a smooth and flowing web, adding to the tone and feel of this lovely game. Mini Metro+, from the same developer, is available on Apple Arcade and features comparable, if simpler, mechanics and gameplay.

Simon’s Cat – Story Time

Match-three games are popular, but Simon’s Cat – Story Time stands out for a variety of reasons. Above all else, Apple Arcade makes this game completely free to play, with no power-ups or in-app purchases to slow you down. The game is based on the popular cartoon and web book series of the same name, and tells a simple story of what happens in the neighborhood of the character of the same name.

You must achieve a variety of objectives, which require you to solve tic-tac-toe puzzles of increasing difficulty and with ever-increasing obstacles and situations. The simplicity and casual nature of the game makes it easy to come back to, and fans of the animated web series will like the story and the integration of the characters into the game.

foxy sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch was one of the first games released on Apple Arcade and remains one of the best RPGs on the platform to this day. You play as a placid Sasquatch living in a national park, beginning by scavenging for food in garbage dumps and campsites before moving on to more important tasks and quests.

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The intriguing premise of the game is effectively supported by beautiful illustrations and simple gameplay. The light-hearted story and characters will appeal to players of all ages, and various mini-games will keep you entertained.


Many of Apple Arcade’s games are mobile-friendly and keep things simple, but Spyder stands out for its visual quality and gameplay. You play as Agent 8, a charming robotic spider who has to carry out espionage missions for a fictional British intelligence agency.

The core gameplay consists of physics-based exploration and problem-solving, with Agent 8’s small size and mobility allowing him to do things humans cannot. Despite its short length, the James Bond-like idea, retro setting, and engaging level-based gameplay make this a game that people of all ages will love.

the pathless

While Apple Arcade has a plethora of fantasy adventure games, The Pathless stands out with its rich and fast-paced action, stunning open-world setting, and intuitive design that helps you figure out what to do next. The game does not have a minimap for navigation, so you will have to rely on “spirit vision” to get through the cursed island.

The Hunter is the game’s main character, a skilled archer who, with the help of an eagle friend, must use his powers to explore and fight mystical opponents. With attractive illustrations and a rich open-world setting worth exploring, the game is at once terrifying, beautiful, exciting, and engrossing.

what golf

What The Golf, perhaps Apple Arcade’s “craziest” game to date, is technically a golf game, but it’s not. Lots of subtle digs at how boring golf is, while the game itself reinvents the sport with a variety of other elements, including couches, vehicles, animals, and rockets.

The main objective of each level is to put a ball in a hole or at least make contact with the flag. There are numerous stages, various ways to get objectives, and numerous secret objectives to allow you 100% completion. The artwork is simple but attractive, making this game one of our top picks from the Apple Arcade library.

Wylde Flowers

Wylde Flowers is a farming and life simulation game similar to Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. It is an exceptionally gripping game with a gripping story involving magic and witchcraft. Tara Wylde, who returns to help her grandmother run the family farm on a small rural island, stars in the game. You must focus on building relationships, managing your personal health and well-being, and learning your magical powers as well as tending and improving the farm.

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Aside from hours of riveting action, Wylde Flowers stands out for its emphasis on inclusion and diversity, featuring people of many races, sexual orientations, and religious views. The game explores themes of xenophobia and intolerance in a delicate and elegant way. It is currently one of the best made games on the Apple Arcade platform and is worth playing.

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