‘Black Clover: Sword Of The Wizard King’: Release Date, Plot And Streaming Details, Everything We Know So Far

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The characters Yuno and Bell will be front and center in the latest ‘Black Clover’ movie, which will be released on June 16.

Excitement for the ‘Black Clover’ movie is at its peak as the anime animator is only a week away from its release. After a severe delay in the release of the film, which was originally scheduled to open in March, it is now shifted to a June 16 release, where fans are eagerly awaiting to learn the details.

Despair now quickly turned to pure joy as the film’s first character promo video was released with Asta’s character front and center. Earlier today, fans watched the promotional video for the second character in the film where the spotlight was on the character of Yuno.

The release of the promo video has created quite a stir and now the movie is just two weeks away from seeing the popularity of the ‘Black Clover’ movie. The second character preview for the film features Yuno for the Wizard King title alongside Asta. The creators state that he will get the title at the beginning of the preview where Asta is seen appearing and fighting back.

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Yuno then also states that this will not be the case, as before calling his spirit and saying that they are going to do their best, Yuno’s captain can be seen saying that he will leave the Wizard King to take care of Yuno.

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This promo stated that Vangeance will trust Yuno to protect the current Wizard King or vice versa. The preview then shows Yuno fighting alone and alongside Asta with unknown assailants. The film will be released on June 16, Friday at midnight.

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The film will be available to stream on Netflix worldwide and will have a theatrical run in Japan. As one now, there are no announced theatrical releases around the world, where viewers can watch the movie on Netflix.

The film will be animated by Studio Pierrot, who also produced the television anime, and will feature the cast and staff from the television anime. The movie ‘Black Clover’ will feature a new antagonist in the form of the previous ‘Wizard King’.

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