Blockchain: useful technology to combat corruption

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A protagonist of business growth and transparency in governments is undoubtedly the Blockchain. According to Custom Soft, a company dedicated to creating solutions based on this technology, as well as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and Software Factory.

“Taking advantage of the benefits that technology now offers us means having tools that make our day-to-day life easier,” said José Ángel Reyes, CEO of the company, citing Blockchain as an example.

Reyes, representing Custom Soft, said about the unique characteristics of this technology, integrity, immutability, security, reliability and traceability of information. He manages projects that could be promoted for the benefit of companies, such as supply chain, digital security, commerce, payments, combating piracy and health, among others.

Reyes said that through Blockchain you can know the status of a transaction (Purchase/Sale, payment, processing, access to information), which allows you to know at all times what is happening, who is doing it, the associated amount, the reason. to do it, who has seen it or can see it and if someone changed any of its characteristics, with the confidence that everything will be 100% safe and reliable.

Regarding government, José Ángel Reyes commented that Blockchain can become the key technological element in the fight against corruption, since it allows the implementation of processes such as citizen digital identity, process automation, accountability, control of public purchases, traceability of Foreign Trade transactions, among others. others. All this with the clear purpose of combating corruption and transparency in accountability.

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It should be noted that projects that integrate Blockchain technology are already being developed internationally, the challenge will be to take advantage of the potential and real capabilities of this (relatively) new technology.

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