Bride and groom split after mother-in-law was seen smoking and dancing at wedding

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Bride and groom split after mother-in-law was seen smoking and dancing at wedding

Indian weddings are usually large and important events. But in a town called Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, something amazing happened to a groom on his wedding day. According to a LIVEHindustan report, the boyfriend was shocked when he saw his mother-in-law smoking and dancing to the music of a DJ and decided to end the deal.

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Wedding is called off after mother of the bride smokes and dances at event

The wedding is canceled The groom sees the bride's mother smoking dancingUnsplash

The wedding was arranged between a young man from Sarayatrin and a girl from Rajpura. They had performed all the rituals before the wedding and the ceremony was supposed to take place on June 27. However, when the groom and his guests arrived at the wedding venue, they saw something unorthodox that stunned the groom and his family.

While the groom waited patiently in the mandap for the wedding ceremony to begin, the guests were entertaining themselves on the other side, eating and dancing merrily. In the middle of all the celebration, something unexpected happened. The mother of the bride, while dancing with the crowd, surprised everyone by smoking a cigar. This sight caught the attention of the groom and left him in complete shock.

After observing his mother-in-law, the groom made a bold move to stop the wedding rituals. He stood up and firmly refused to go through with the marriage. This unexpected action shocked everyone, and suddenly the wedding celebration stopped.

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The situation was finally resolved and the connection was restored

The shocking incident sparked a heated argument between the two families, and eventually the wedding was called off. The disappointed groom and his family returned home, while the bride decided to go with her mother.

After the incident, a panchayat was held between the families. During this meeting, community members played an important role in resolving the situation and finding a middle ground. The family reportedly decided to move on from the disagreement and re-established their relationship.

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