Calvin Abueva scandal explained: Accused of domestic violence

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Calvin Abueva

Calvin Abueva is a well known basketball player. He plays for the Magnolia Hotshots. People are eager to know more about him. Calvin is accused of engaging in domestic violence. You will get complete details about it in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Is Calvin Abueva involved in domestic abuse?

Calvin Abueva is a basketball player. He is also nicknamed ‘The Beast’ because of his style. He won the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Beast Player Award in 2016. In his career, he has been involved in many controversies. He was suspended from the PBA for misconduct in court. He was also accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife. His ex-wife, Sam Abueva, blames him for domestic violence. He was suspended for his misbehavior and domestic abuse. She mentions that he had been abusing her for the past nine years.

calvin abueva

Sam also mentions that Calvin has hurt her since their college days. When she asked Calvin about the same thing, she denied it. When the incident occurred, she asked Raymond Zorilla to explain everything. Pheonix technical director Paolo Bugia says the club cannot interfere in a player’s private life. However, they did mention that they expect players to conduct themselves professionally both while playing and off the pitch.

calvin abueva

Videos of violence by Calvin Abueva viral on the Internet:

Calvin Abueva did not accept the fact that he was involved in some type of domestic violence. Rather, he said that he hasn’t done any of that. Some videos and photos went viral proving that his domestic abuse was true. His ex-wife also shared live about his violence. She says that she was abused and beaten by her. She was pregnant while her husband demanded sexual advances. She said that she denied it because she was afraid of losing the baby. She was going through difficult times. She says that she exposed him so that she would never abuse anyone in her life again. The videos circulated all over the media, making them viral. It was publicly exposed.

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Calvin Abueva was in the headlines after the news about his domestic violence went viral. It was said that he was involved in domestic abuse with his wife. He had been putting up with it since his college days. It’s been more than nine years of her in this toxic relationship. She took the stand and posted all the evidence of her abuse against her on social media. The videos and photos began to go viral. He was suspended and received a lot of hate. He could realize his mistakes and not repeat them again.

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