CES 2023: Everything you need to know about the biggest tech conference

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CES 2023

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From January 5-8, 2023, CES, one of the largest consumer electronics shows, will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. There will be product launches, standalone events and keynote addresses at different locations in Las Vegas.

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More often than not, big names in the industry show up at CES to launch new products, make big announcements, and share their plans for the future. Some well-known leaders are also expected to give keynote addresses and plans for the coming year. Along with big companies like Apple, Samsung, Intel, Asus, AMG, Qualcomm and others, we also expect new companies to show their products.

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This year it is expected to be bigger than last year because the rules for visitors seem to be less strict. For example, the official website just says, “CES encourages all attendees to get their booster shots and the vaccine.”

What to look for at CES 2023?

Last year, several well-known people decided not to go because they were worried about the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, many big tech companies have said they will be back. It is known that Microsoft, Google, Sony, LG, Garmin, Asus, Nvidia and many others will participate. In addition to big tech companies, visitors can expect to see concepts and new commercial electric vehicles from brands like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, BMW, Honda, and many others.

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Below, we take a look at some of the biggest consumer tech products and technologies to see at CES 2023.

From Micro LEDs to a Wireless OLED TV

In 2022, novelties such as a roll-up screen and 8K resolution were shown. This year at CES 2023, Sony and Samsung may show MicroLED TVs with a screen size of 100 inches or larger. In addition, Displace, a new American company, can show the world’s first OLED TV that can be used without cables at CES 2023.

Innovative wearable technology

At CES 2023, there will also be technology upgrades that can be used. The smartwatches to be shown at CES 2023 will likely be able to track our health and wellness more.

Sony/Honda Mobility

Sony and Honda are working together to make electric cars, and will likely make an announcement about it at CES this year. The Vision S Concept, Sony’s idea for a car, was on display at CES.


2023年1月に米国ラスベガスで開催される #CES2023 See moreす。

どうぞご期待ください!#Sony #sling #sonyhondamobility #FutureSonyhttps://t.co/QOFhviFQBJ pic.twitter.com/kT2k1AfDhi

— Sony Group – Japan (@SonyGroup_JP) December 20, 2022


At CES 2023, there are plenty of speakers, headphones, sound bars, and other audio devices from companies like Sony, LG, JBL, and more.


At CES events, cars and electric vehicles are always a big deal. At CES 2023, new electric cars, self-driving cars and other technologies may be shown for the first time.

What trip #CES2023 @Mercedes Benz pic.twitter.com/4UxgwfF9Ki

— 🇺🇦Evan Kirstel #B2B #TechFluencer (@EvanKirstel) December 28, 2022


The show is likely to remain mostly about laptops and PC parts, with dozens of new devices and updates. By 2023, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, and HP are likely to launch new laptops and 2-in-1s.

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Change is in the air. see you in @CES with #ASUS

#CES2023 #ASUSLaunchEvent #ASUSIndia pic.twitter.com/yb5rJSR3Sk

—ASUS India (@ASUSIndia) December 28, 2022


Although smartphone technology has reached the point where only minor changes are made, cameras could still improve, processors could get faster, and there could be new battery and charging technology. Almost all the big OEMs including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and even some of the smaller ones are expected to showcase new ideas and technologies.

Samsung products and technologies

Samsung will showcase its new technologies and products for both consumers and businesses. Samsung will display a second-generation smart SSD, automotive processor, and ultra-fine pixel technology for mobile cameras.

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