Change your Instagram password in two simple ways

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Change your Instagram password in two simple ways

Instagram is the most amazing social media platform I have ever discovered as it is the place where you can get real organic followers for your product, brand or business. But your job doesn’t end after you get an Instagram account, as it’s important to keep a constant check on your security. That is possible if you frequently change your Instagram password. This will protect your account from hackers and data breaches.

In case you have never changed your Instagram password and you have forgotten it now, you will not be able to change it unless you remember the old password. It is not possible to change your Instagram password without a previous password; however, in that case, you can recover your Instagram password by resetting it.

Another scenario is when you have forgotten your Instagram password and the email address with which you created the account, then it may be difficult to recover your account and you may need to create a new Instagram account.

Instagram also allows you to login with your Facebook ID as the former is owned by the latter now. So if you want to change your password without a previous password, you can reset your Instagram password by changing your Facebook account password.

Change Instagram password in the mobile app (for Android and iOS)

Most of the users find it convenient to use Instagram on their mobile device, be it Android or iOS. Also, the Instagram app works the same way on both types of mobile devices. With that in mind, here are the updated steps you need to follow to change your Instagram password:

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Solution synopsis: Touch the Account icon > Menu icon > Settings > Security > Password > Create a new password
  1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device and tap on the ‘Account Icon’ at the bottom right corner.

  1. Now, tap on the ‘Menu Icon’ (three horizontal lines) at the top right corner.

tab menu icon

  1. Tap on the first option that says ‘Settings’.

select settings

  1. Next, tap on the ‘Security’ option

click security

  1. From the options you see, select ‘Password’.

Select Password

  1. Now, here you can create a new password for your Instagram and enter the same one twice to confirm; You’ll also need to enter your current password, and once you’re done, tap the ‘check mark’ icon in the top right corner.

create a new password for your Instagram

  1. Those were all the steps to follow to change your Instagram password through the app.

Change Instagram password on website

If you are someone who loves to scroll through Instagram on your PC or laptop while working, here are the simple steps you can follow to change your Instagram account password:

Solution Brief: Profile Icon > Settings > Change Password > Create New Password
  1. Once you’ve logged into your Instagram account, click on your ‘profile icon’ in the top right corner of the screen.

click on the profile icon

  1. From the options you see, click on ‘Settings’

click settings

  1. Click on the ‘Change Password’ option on the left.

click change password

  1. Type your old password followed by the new password entered twice and then click ‘Change Password’.

type the old password, enter the new password twice and click change password

frequent questions

1. How to change Instagram password without previous password?

If you don’t remember your old password, it can be difficult to change Instagram password; the best way out is to reset your password using your email address or phone number, whatever is linked to Instagram.

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2. How to reset Instagram password without Facebook?

To reset your Instagram password without Facebook, you can use your email address or phone number with which you created your account, and using the login link, you can regain access to your account.

3. What if the Instagram password reset link doesn’t work?

In case the password reset link you received to your email address or phone number doesn’t work, you can ask Instagram to send you the link again by pressing the ‘Resend Link’ option.

4. How to change the email on Instagram?

If you want to change your email address on Instagram, here’s how to do it:

  • Login to your Instagram account and click on the ‘Profile Icon’ at the top right corner; in the menu, click ‘Profile’.
  • Then tap ‘Edit Profile’ next to your Instagram profile photo.
  • Now, here you will see all the information linked to your Instagram account, such as phone number, email address, etc.
  • Click on the ‘Email’ text box and there you can change your email address.
  • Click ‘Submit’
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