Chi Osse controversy: Councilor says he was sent a threatening letter

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Chi Osse

Chi Osse is said to be making headlines. People are curious to know more about Chi Osse. What did he say? You will get complete details about Chi Osse in this current controversy in this article. Continue reading for more information.

What did Chi Osse say?

Chi Osse is making headlines because he has made an anti-Italian comment about the New York contractor. He also received a threatening note on June 16, 2023. He is currently 25 years old. He shared the note on his Twitter account. The note was in the form of a handwritten letter that included some racist words along with a warning that mentioned “stay out or it will work out for you”. He said that the letter is ordered. He doesn’t say anything after that. You can follow him on his Instagram account @chiosse. He is said to be responsible for demolishing Dragonetti Brothers Landscaping, a BrookyIn-based contracting company. After doing this at a town meeting, he retrieves the letter.

Dragonetti Brothers also received a $40 million award for tree service contracts. In this note, Osse mentioned that the company has already been arrested for committing insurance fraud in the year 2022. The company has made 97 contacts so far. 10 contrast still work. It has different contracts such as tree pruning, stump removal and planting in five communes. He mentioned that the name of the company should be enough to be considered a red flag to make a contract. After repeated criticism, he rephrased the sentence and said that he was just trying to take the company’s criminal history head-on. He didn’t mean to make an anti-Italian comment. This was all about the Osse controversy.

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An image of the letter received by Chi Osse goes viral on the Internet:

Chi Osse

Let’s conclude the above.


Chi Osse is said to make an anti-Italian comment. It was also said that he was responsible for getting the Draginetti Brothers off the ground. He mentioned that the company has received $40 million in tree service awards, but one should avoid contracting with the company since she has been arrested for insurance fraud. She received a warning letter from the company. She shared the same on her Twitter account and said it was Neat. He was criticized for the same. He clarified it again and said that he has not made any anti-Italian statement. He was just trying to show the past history of the company.

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