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Clevo nh70

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Clevo NH70 is a powerful 17.3-inch gaming laptop. For gaming enthusiasts, it offers a price range that is affordable for everyone. It gives a seamless experience due to its superior performance.

The Clevo nh70 is an excellent pick if you want an outstanding laptop at a reasonable price. It is the market’s most popular gaming laptop. The Clevo NH70 is jam-packed with features and is sure to provide an engaging gaming experience.

The Clevo NH70 features a 17.3-inch full HD display, a ninth-generation Intel core i7 processor, and eight gigabytes of random access memory to ensure a fluid gaming experience. Clevo NH70 allows you to run numerous applications concurrently without difficulty. In addition, the Clevo NH70 has an attractive display. This Clevo NH70 gaming laptop provides a comprehensive gaming experience.

The Clevo nh70 has a high resolution and hence, a high-quality display, as well as a low-latency SSD, allowing it to remain a member of the formidable gaming laptop clans. Let’s continue our exploration of the Clevo nh70 gaming laptop.

What is Clevo NH70 Laptop?

The Clevo nh70 is one of the most potent gaming laptops ever created. These laptops are renowned for their superior performance, which ensures a seamless experience. Additionally, Clevo nh70 is available at an affordable price point.

Here, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Clevo nh70 gaming laptop, taking into account your needs, its advantages and disadvantages, and your choices in terms of display, battery life, storage capacity, sound, and CPU performance.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive guide to the Clevo nh70 gaming laptops, then you should read this site.

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Clevo NH70 – Specifications 

The Clevo NH70 offers an extensive list of outstanding specifications, which have been organized in a table for ease of reading.


Clevo nh70



Storage Type

256 GB SSD

Memory Speed


Graphics Card

Nvidia GTX 1060 graphic card


Intel core i7 9750H Processor

Display Size

17.3 inches full HD

Pixels per inch

127.3 pixels-per-inch 




14.4v 3275mAh

Battery Life

3.5 hours, 14.4V 3275mAh


2.5 kg

Operating System

Window 10 home


Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card


$1550 – $1700

Clevo nh70 Gaming Laptop Features

Clevo nh70 Gaming Laptop Features

After reading the Clevo specifications, you will be more interested in the features. Listed below are all of the Clevo features.

1. RAM

Clevo is equipped with 8GB of DD4 RAM, a memory type often seen in laptops. Ram plays a crucial part in the functionality of a laptop or other device since it stores temporary tasks done by the computer. The amount of RAM has a direct effect on the computer’s task performance.

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2. Pixels

Clevo NH70 laptops have a 127.33ppi. This indicates that the screen resolution is 1920 pixels across and 1080 pixels up. The Clevo NH70 laptops include around two million pixels in total. These pixels are sufficient to play demanding games.

Pixel density for the NH70 display will be determined by the screen size. The pixel density is determined by the screen size. If the screen size is reduced, the pixel density will increase.

3. SSD and Storage

Data storage is likely provided by solid-state drives (SSD) on Clevo NH70 notebooks. The answer depends on the model of your NH70 laptop. Certain models will feature SSDs with capacities of 128GB or 2256GB, while others may include SSDs with capacities of 512GB, 1TB, or 1TB.

4. High-End Resolution

Clevo features 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. If the screen size is reduced, the pixel quality will improve. A display of such quality is adequate for gaming and other purposes. As it delivers the highest image resolution in pixels, you may enjoy your intensive games, movies, and videos with the highest quality.

5. Keyboard

The Clevo NH70 laptop keyboard is designed for Clevo computers. The keyboard layout is normal QWERTY with a number pad on the right. Backlit keyboard keys allow you to type in low-light environments.

The NH70 keyboard has been constructed to resist hard use and is durable. The ergonomic and comfy design of the full-size keyboard makes it easy to type for extended periods of time.

6. Battery Performance

It contains a 3275 mAh battery with a maximum runtime of 3.5 hours per charge. Its battery capacity is adequate for normal/official applications.

7. Processor

It has an Intel Core i7 9750 (2.60 GHz) CPU that can handle all jobs smoothly, whether they are light or intensive. In terms of performance, the Clevo is capable of handling all intensive workloads, including gaming, as well as a variety of programs and other duties.

8. Graphics

The Clevo-NH70 laptop is equipped with a dedicated GPU. Also known as a separate graphics card. The laptop contains an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card. This card is appropriate for gaming and other graphically heavy jobs.

It can run the majority of recent games at 1080p resolution and medium-high settings, depending on the game.

9. Perfect Screen Size

This laptop provides the highest image quality, ideal for your gaming needs. The screen size is around 17.3 inches with HD resolution. This huge screen allows you to watch your favorite films and play the newest, most demanding games.

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How to Optimize Clevo Nh70 in a Proper Way?

The Clevo’s performance is good for gaming and other multitasking tasks, but with proper maintenance, you may extend the lifespan of your laptop’s performance.

  • Better performance and task execution can be achieved by terminating tasks that are no longer required. This will free up space and improve the laptop’s performance.
  • Always utilize the most effective anti-virus software that can safeguard your machine from hazardous infections and enhance its performance.
  • Use a system that eliminates unneeded files and frees up space on the hard drive to speed up the system.
  • Unplug the charger when the battery is full, as doing so will impair its function.
  • Use the most recent versions of software and applications, as they will function optimally on your system.
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Is Clevo nh70 Portable Device?

Clevo is one of the most well-known gaming laptops that gained popularity rapidly due to its features and specifications. Nevertheless, is it portable and transportable?

The design of this outstanding laptop is excellent, sleek, and fashionable, and it has the highest HD image quality.

The device’s portability is determined by how easily it can be transported. If we consider its weight, then it is cumbersome equipment that is difficult to transport. This invention by Clevo weighs between 2 and 3 kilograms, which is heavier than its market competitors. Due to its considerable weight, it isn’t easy to transport it on a trip or elsewhere.

Clevo nh70 Disagreeing Gaming Drawbacks

The Clevo nh70 has various characteristics and cons that set it apart from the competition in the gaming laptops sector. Let’s meet them individually.

The maximum resolution of the Clevo nh70 is 1920 x 1080, which is insufficient for a gaming display. Huge pixels frequently result in a distorted display that disrupts the view when playing modern games.

Battery Life The battery efficiency of 3.5 hours through battery type 14.4V 3275mAh is a disappointing feature that falls short of a gamer’s desire to survive for a sufficient amount of time.

Clevo’s memory speed of 2666 MHz does not meet the minimum memory speed requirement for a gaming laptop. The memory speed of a gaming computer or other intelligent device must exceed 3000MHz.

Although gaming laptops are often heavy due to powerful processors and metalcore components, the Clevo nh70’s weight of 2.5 kg seems excessive. Clevo nh70 is not suitable for long-distance travel.

Is it Worth Buying Clevo nh70?

There are numerous gaming laptops and gadgets available on the market. Each device has unique features and characteristics, which depend entirely on your requirements and budget. This is the Clevo laptop that provides the best gaming experience to its customers. This device’s memory is expandable, although its price varies based on its model.

If you want to purchase a laptop for gaming purposes alone, as opposed to business and school, this is the finest option, although it has low battery life for intensive games.

It lacks webcam capabilities. In addition, you can multitask on this laptop because it includes 8 GB of expandable memory and an Intel processor.

Warranty and Claims

Regarding the warranty and claims, the Clevo NH70 metal comes with a one-year guarantee that covers manufacture defects and hardware issues not caused by the user, such as faulty displays, keyboards, and internal component failures. It often includes both parts and labor for repairs. So, you should not worry if you face any problems with the mechanical component.

Clevo nh70 User Review

Customers have given the Clevo NH70 laptop numerous positive reviews, with many applauding its performance and value. The majority of consumers believe it is an excellent laptop for gaming, entertainment, and business work. A few consumers also commented that the battery life should have been longer, but generally, they were pleased with the performance of the device. Some argue that the laptop overheats after prolonged use, necessitating the purchase of additional cooling solutions, and that it is not budget-friendly.

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Targeted buyers of Clevo NH70

The Clevo NH70 laptop was designed with gaming capabilities in mind. So, it can only be used for school and work. So, this laptop should only be purchased by those who wish to enhance their gaming or multimedia experience. It is just suitable for playing games.

Pros and Cons 

These are the advantages and cons of this gaming laptop, which will help you decide if you want to spend your money on it or choose a different brand.


  • The pixel density and image quality are exceptional.
  • The video card is ideal for playing high-end video games.
  • The Intel processor of the ninth generation ensures an excellent gaming experience.
  • A keyword with a color-changing backlight for enhanced study.
  • Well suited for hard gaming.


  • This laptop is reasonably priced, given its features.
  • The battery life is underwhelming at 3.5 hours.
  • It is not ideal for office or home-based work.
  • This laptop weighs more than average.
  • The Clevo laptop lacks a webcam.


The Clevo nh70 is an impressive gaming laptop. If you are seeking a gaming laptop with a high-resolution screen and a potent processor, then the Clevo nh70 is the perfect option. The interior, thermal, and other details are listed for your convenience above. However, how you intend to utilize the laptop is up to you, and your priorities matter greatly.

If you are not a fan of video games and are seeking a laptop for office or home-based work, this model may not be the best option for you. If you are a gamer wishing to play memory-intensive games on a high-quality display, despite its somewhat higher price, this laptop is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Clevo NH70 Gaming Laptop 

Which processor does Clevo nh70 have?

The Clevo nh70 is powered by an Intel i7 chip.

How Much Does the Clevo Nh70 Cost?

It approximates $1,050 in the United States, although the pricing has not been confirmed. It depends on market prices. If you wish to purchase this item, you must research its pricing on the market or via internet retailers.

Can I upgrade the Clevo memory?

Yes, this device’s Memory and ROM can be expanded up to 1TB, as can its SSD. Presently, it has 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.

What is the warranty on a Clevo laptop?

Typically, Clevo laptops come with a one-year guarantee, though this may vary depending on the model and where the laptop is purchased.

Can Clevo laptops be upgraded?

Indeed, many Clevo laptops can have their RAM, storage, and graphics card upgraded. Nonetheless, it is essential to determine whether the specific model can be upgraded.

Are clevo laptops good for gaming?

Undoubtedly, Clevo laptops are frequently regarded as suitable for gaming due to their configurable design and strong components.

How long does the Clevo battery last?

The battery performance of the Clevo is enough for everyday chores but only lasts up to three to four hours when playing intensive games. It has a 3275 mAh battery, which is sufficient for daily work but insufficient for games.

Where can I purchase a Clevo laptop?

Clevo laptops are available through authorized resellers such as Sager and Eurocom and are not offered directly to customers.

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