Cruise Ship Collides With Freight Vessel During Storms In Mallorca

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Cruise Ship Collides With Freight Vessel During Storms In Mallorca

During a storm in Mallorca, Spain, a cruise liner broke free from its moorings and collided with a freight vessel.

Passengers on the Britannia, a P&O Cruises ship based in Southampton, recalled how the ship “floated away like a paper boat” after breaking free. A walkway was also washed away in the surf.

According to P&O, a few persons are being treated onboard after minor injuries. As per the company, the ship will remain in Palma for a technical evaluation.

The pilot had previously informed passengers that “no structural compromise” existed.

People on board the ship captured video and photographs of the disaster, which included an emergency reaction and debris floating in the sea.

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P&O Britannia Cruise Ship Crashes During Storms In Mallorca

Storm in Palma Mallorca breaks it’s moorings and pushes P&O Britannia into another ship and onto rocks. Ship not compromised and being pushed back into position by tugs

— Stephen Marsh (@millermanuk) August 27, 2023

According to passenger Gavin McCoy, the “unexpected drama” occurred when “the local fire service and crew were conducting an emergency drill.” “A sudden rain and wind storm ripped us away from our dockside moorings, breaking tethering lines, water hoses, and causing the walkway to fall into the sea,” he claimed. 

He was “sitting by the window in the coffee shop, and the first thing we saw were the blue dockside reception marquee tents blowing through the air,” Mr McCoy explained. 

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“We’ve strayed far from the berth and collided with a nearby freight/cargo vessel.” Another passenger, Dale Hopkin, described the atmosphere on board as “crazy,” with sunbeds “starting to flip.” 

Mr Hopkin of Blackpool stated that the rain was so heavy that he couldn’t see out the ship’s windows.

He said, “It floated away like a paper boat after breaking free from its moorings.”

“The employees could do nothing else.”

Tracey Hopkin, his wife, described the incident as “a bit of drama” and said the ship got dangerously close to the harbour’s breakwater rocks.

Mallorca Storms Cause P&O Britannia Cruise Ship To CrashCredit: GAVIN MCCOY

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she claimed, after hearing “a really loud noise, a grating sound.” She appreciated the crew’s efforts and said the captain provided regular updates. 

Tilley Eve, another vacationer, claimed “things were really bad” for almost two hours, adding, “I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz.” Some families, she added, had put life jackets on their youngsters. The storm is most likely one of the severe thunderstorms that will hit the Balearic Islands.

Almost 20 Flights Got Cancelled Due To Weather

The islands have been battered by torrential rain and wind gusts of up to 120km (75 miles) per hour. According to Spain’s airport operator, the weather caused the cancellation of almost 20 flights. 

Weather alerts have been issued for sections of the archipelago till Monday. On the PA system, the captain advised passengers that “there is no structural compromise, but deck five has sustained a small amount of damage.” 

A spokeswoman for P&O Cruises stated that they were “aware of an incident involving Britannia on Sunday morning” and were “working to assess the situation.” Mr McCoy stated that everyone was safe and that “aside from a few scrapes and bumps to one or more lifeboats that project from the ship,” there was “no problem on the ship.”  

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Mallorca Storms Cause P&O Britannia Cruise Ship To CrashCredit: GAVIN MCCOY

“The many people on coach excursions will be able to get back on again,” he continued. 

Passengers will have access to onboard entertainment and activities while technical staff inspect the ship, according to P&O. The voyage began in Southampton and ends on September 1. 

This is the second emergency aboard a Southampton ship in recent weeks, with the Queen Mary 2 breaking free from its bow mooring line and drifting off the pier on August 4.

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