Dawn Pack Arrested: Battle Ground School Counselor Charged With Assault On Child

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Dawn Pack Arrested

A shocking incident was reported in Battle Ground, Washington, where a school counselor was arrested for assaulting a child. The arrested teacher is a counselor at Battle Ground High School and is known as the Dawn Pack. Ever since news of Dawn Pack’s arrest broke, people connected to Battle Ground High School and in that area have been interested in learning what the charges are against Dawn Pack. Ever since people found out about Dawn Pack’s arrest, it is trending on the internet and leaves people in a frenzy to search for it. Large numbers of people are reportedly searching for it and taking over the internet to share it. Here we have found some imperative details and updates. You are urged to stick to this page and read the following sections. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Dawn Pack Arrested

Speaking of the charges against the counselor at Battle Ground High School, Dawn Pack is charged with Second Degree Assault on a Child. This is why the school has placed Dawn Pack on administrative leave, even though the incident or charges are not related to her work nor did they take place at Battle Ground High School. But still, the school principal announced that Dawn Pack has been placed on administrative leave. Scroll down the page and read what really happened.


The official statement issued by the authorities indicated that the incident of child assault occurred between Dawn Pack and her son, who is only 10 years old. Dawn Pack reportedly pinned her son to a bed with his elbow to her throat with the intent to injure him and also restricted his breathing for a time. That’s why people are stunned and shocked after hearing about Dawn Pack’s behavior with her son. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Dawn Pack Arrested

Dawn Pack, the counselor at Battle Ground High School, reportedly took her son’s phone and Amazon Dot device from his bedroom when he tried to call his father for help. She is also accused of taking her son’s phone and restricting him from contacting her father for help. Her husband also filed a restraining order against Pack, who says she has a long history of alcohol abuse. That’s all for now, more updates and details will be added to this article. Stay tuned to this website.

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