Denton Police Christopher Morgan, officers under investigation for viral Tiktok video

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Denton Police Christopher Morgan, officers under investigation for viral Tiktok video

The Denton Police Department has launched an investigation into the actions of its officers during an incident that occurred on April 7, which has now gained traction on social media. The fiasco occurred at a residential building on 4th Street when officers came by to resolve a dispute between the landlord and tenant.

Denton Police Christopher Morgan Viral TikTok Video

At the location, the owner and residents got into a heated verbal argument, in which Christopher Morgan, an ally of the owner, threatened and assaulted one of the residents. The incident was videotaped by a passerby and soon went viral on social media. However, the shocking part of the video, which got everyone’s attention, was that Morgan banged on the glass door more than three times in front of the Denton Police Department officers, and the officers let Morgan leave the scene without charge. . While most of the people in the video can be seen pacifying Morgan, the incident has raised concerns about officials with the Denton Police Department who chose to let Morgan go free.

Denton MD – Motorcycle club threatens family with violence and damages property while police stand by and watch

—TizzyEnt (@TizzyEnt) April 12, 2023

Speaking of the same, Denton Police Department Chief George Bacorn has ordered an investigation to look into his officers’ response and their handling of the situation. The incident, which has generated considerable attention online, has prompted the police department to take action and review the conduct of its staff.

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The Denton Police Department has now issued an arrest warrant for Morgan. In the 2-minute video, Morgan, who can be seen wearing a Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club vest, breaks through the glass door, and just then, the woman he was arguing with requests officers to arrest him. . Officials, however, allowed the man to walk free, though he assaulted and threatened the resident. The incident did not seem to sit well with social media users, as many raised concerns about the Denton police claiming not to arrest the offender just because he was agitated.

“Not arrested at that time due to agitated state” Denton Police Department #WOW

— AntoneYT4Life (@LuvmesumU2020) April 12, 2023

Shortly after the incident, officers took the residents before the District Court Commissioner and obtained a peace order against Morgan for his actions. For now, police have charged Morgan with second-degree assault and filed charges for destruction of property. Additionally, senior Denton Police officials are also looking into the situation and investigating the matter, as many have questioned the officers who decided not to arrest the offender.

The findings will be sent to a civilian review board, which will make recommendations on whether the officers violated any policy, and the investigation is expected to last 60 days. Bacorn tells 47ABC that the department has yet to determine if those findings will be made public, but the resolution of the civil complaint will be a matter of public record and open to request.

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