Desi Tourist Runs Into ‘Cheater Chachaji’ At The Louvre In Paris, Warns Others Of Latest Scam

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Desi Tourist Runs Into 'Cheater Chachaji' At The Louvre In Paris, Warns Others Of Latest Scam

It’s hard to miss a visit to the Louvre Museum when a tourist travels to Paris, France. The magic of the city shines through as tourists walk through the glassed existence of a years-long history of art. Chief among these is the coveted experience of getting a snap of the iconic Mona Lisa hung up on the wall of the museum.

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‘Cheater Chachaji’ Tries To Scam Indian Tourist At The Louvre In Paris

Indian Chachji Tries To Scam Man Outside Louvre ParisUnsplash

One Indian man, who recently travelled to the city and enjoyed an elaborate tour of the museum, encountered a desi scam and warned others against engaging in any such cons. 

In a Reddit post, he explained that after a long tour of the Louvre, he and his family were sitting near the exit area, catching their breath and giving some much-needed rest to their feet. That’s when an Indian uncle ji approached the man and asked him to pass on his used museum tickets to him. 

The scammer said, “Bete, if you are done with the tour, can you please hand over the tickets to me? It is a waste thing for you anyways as you are exiting.” 

Upon encountering said chachaji, the man instantly got the idea that he was about to be roped into a scam. So, he refused to give away his ticket and replied, “Sorry uncle, I don’t want to land in any trouble. Plus there are CCTVs everywhere so you must yourself be warned.”

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Cheater Chachaji (Uncle) at Louvre Museum Paris by u/Full_Impression_559 in india

Redditors Validated The Man’s Suspicion

While the man was sure he was approached by a con artist who would likely resell the tickets at high prices to someone else, he was still doubtful about his actions. He asked the people on the internet to validate his response.

Folks came forward and gave him a pat on the back for refusing to share his ticket with the random uncle. One estimated that these people who look rather regular and normal often end up being scammers who resell the tickets to unsuspecting tourists and when the tickets get declined at the door, they make a ruckus and refuse to pay back the tourists.

Comment by u/tokyosnow7777 from discussion Cheater Chachaji (Uncle) at Louvre Museum Paris in india

Another explained how this type of scam persists in Paris and other parts of the world where a ticket is used for multiple scans at a heritage site just as the Louvre. Others recommended that travellers remember to buy e-tickets at such attractions to get out of such scams set in place to ruin a tourist’s rosy French visit.

Comment by u/yvrtrip from discussion Cheater Chachaji (Uncle) at Louvre Museum Paris in india

Scams and theft in Europe are pretty common. One of the first things tourists are told when they visit places like France or Italy is to keep their belongings safe from pickpocketing and other money extortion scams rampant in the country.

Tell us what you think about this scam in Paris in the comments below.

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