Did Sarah Boone kill her boyfriend? Suitcase Video Florida Woman Charged with Murder

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Sarah Boone

Sarah Boone is said to have killed her boyfriend. A TikTok video is going viral. She put her boyfriend in a suitcase. She died because she couldn’t breathe.

Did Sarah Boone kill her boyfriend?

She is charged with second degree murder. She pretended to play with him. He was locked in a suitcase for the sake of a game.

I couldn’t breathe inside that suitcase. She died inside. She stayed inside the suitcase for hours.

It was said that they were playing hide-and-seek after drinking wine. She stayed inside the suitcase for an hour.

He found it hidden inside the suitcase and said to zip it up. The video shows that she was laughing after locking him up.

I was constantly asking for help. She denied helping. She said that she can’t breathe inside the suitcase.

She told him that he also did the same to her. Sarah was said to be unconscious in her bed. Three years have passed since the incident.

sarah bonone

Viral video of Sarah Boone’s suitcase

She says she assumed he might be out of the bag. She said that when she woke up, she found it inside the bag.

Sarah says she thought he might be downstairs. Later, she found him dead inside the suitcase. She called 911 before the police arrived.

She says that she was in a panic after remembering that last time, she was in the suitcase.

The police came to his house. They discovered that he was lying on the ground near the blue bag.

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sarah bonone

She is called to a hearing three years after his death. She is charged with second degree murder.

The first pre-trial hearing was on January 17, 2023. His lawyer says the case is not ready for the pre-trial hearing. He needs to talk to her.

It is requested that the trial be scheduled for April. There is no confirmation on the date of the preliminary hearing. The lawyer keeps asking for an appointment.

His family wants justice for him. His parents are going through a tragedy after losing his son. They say they did not expect this to happen.

They find out about the incident the next day. The case lasts for 2 years. We will update you as the case progresses. The judge has asked to start the hearing as soon as possible.

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