Do Your Nightmares Look Like This? Haunting Photos Show Locations That Resemble Scenes From Your Dreams

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Do Your Nightmares Look Like This? Haunting Photos Show Locations That Resemble Scenes From Your Dreams

If you’re the type of person who has trouble remembering their dreams after waking up, this disturbing video can help. 

A new viral video named ‘places you’ve seen in your dreams’ does exactly what it says on the tin, displaying all the strange places viewers have found themselves in while sleeping, such as an empty aisle in a supermarket, scary passageways, and uncanny valley vistas. Take a look.

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Video depicts places that you may have seen in your dreams 

Doctor Doggo, the YouTuber behind the compilation of pictures sourced from the internet for this clip, chose images that have one thing in common: there isn’t a soul in sight. 

The video, which was posted last month, asks, “Which liminal space is your favourite?”

It all depends on which one you think you’ve been to before. 

Perhaps you had a late-night fantasy about returning to Target’s food court, or perhaps you imagined yourself wandering through a pastel-coloured suburban cul-de-sac that looks like something out of Edward Scissorhands. 

The images were carefully selected 

 Photographs Capture Locations From Your DreamsYouTube Screengrab

Dreams aren’t always bubblegum dream worlds, and Doctor Doggo took this into consideration when selecting the frightening music and images of vacant hotel halls and rooms.

Who would have guessed that photographs of empty and deserted offices, gymnasiums, and playgrounds could be so disturbing?

The strange video drew responses from those who were taken aback and were surprisingly grateful for it. 

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dreamsYouTube Screengrab

Some YouTube commentators also stated that the film made them feel nostalgic, which could be owing to the fact that many of the images appear to have been taken with a disposable camera from the past. 

And, lest we forget, the shot of the McDonald’s Playplace, which, while frightening in the compilation film, is likely to appear in many wonderful dreams about simpler times. 

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