Does Facebook tell you who viewed your story?

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Does Facebook tell you who viewed your story?

We are always anxious to know who is watching us, aren’t we? Especially when we post something about a certain person.

But what if we don’t know how to find out? Not being able to see if your ex was stalking you or the person you dedicated the story to saw it or not, must be annoying…

As Facebook continues to roll out its exciting new features, the platform brought its stories feature back in 2017. Well, since it still exists, we must say that it must have been a hit. Some users have been confused about who viewed their story. To resolve this query, we are here with some easy tips! In this article, we are going to discuss how to see who viewed your story and how you can create one. Now let’s dive into it without wasting a minute!

How to see who viewed your story on Facebook?

It’s not a big deal to know who has seen your story on Facebook. Even though it is the era of Gen Z, many of us still prefer to stay in the traditional way and use Facebook. There are a lot of new features rolling out from time to time on the platform, and it almost feels like a new app.

Ok, back to our question of the day: here are some easy steps to find out who has seen your story on Facebook.

  • Launch your official Facebook app on your Android or iPhone device.
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  • Go to the Stories section at the top of your feed; touch Your story.

Tap Your story.

  • After tapping on your recently posted story, you can locate the viewer count in the bottom left corner of your screen.

viewer count

  • Tap on the viewers option, or you can swipe up to see the list of names who have viewed your Facebook story.

Note: If you still can’t see the viewer count, it means people haven’t seen your story yet. So please wait a couple of minutes to update it and check back later.

Tap on viewers to see who viewed your story.

These were the steps on how you can see who viewed your profile on Facebook. Now let’s see how you can create a story on Facebook.

How to create a Facebook story?

Being one of the most widely used social media platforms today, Facebook has really come a long way. Like many other platforms, Facebook came up with the feature of adding stories for its followers.

If you want to get in on the action and you haven’t used FB Stories before, creating one will only take a few seconds. Here’s how to do it within Facebook.

  • Open the Facebook app on your device and tap on Create Story.

Tap Create story.

  • Then click the camera icon and take a photo or record a video as you like.

Tap the camera icon.

  • Select the little wand icon on the right side to add effects.

Touch Effects if you want to add any to your story.

  • Select Share to Story to upload it to Facebook.

Tap Share to Story.

Your Facebook story will stay live for 24 hours, just like in most other social media apps. People can see you and message you just the way they see you.

Control who sees your Facebook story?

There are many people who prefer to stay private, so much so that the add friends button on their Facebook profile seems to be missing. And so I want to keep the list of people limited to who can also see your story. Now, let us see how it can be done and follow the simple methods given below:

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The same privacy options that users get with Facebook updates or posts are also available in Facebook Stories. Users can control who sees what by customizing them to their preferences before sharing.

  • Select Create story from the app.

Tap Create story.

  • Then click the camera icon and take a photo or record a video as you like.

Tap the camera icon.

  • Then tap Privacy at the bottom left of the screen.

Touch Privacy.

  • Choose your preference for story privacy as you like.

    Touch the option you want to choose.

  • Change the settings as shown above and press Save.

Tap Save once you are done with the preference settings.

Similar to other Facebook settings, such as uploading a profile picture without notifying anyone and hiding Facebook likes, the Public setting makes Stories available to everyone. While the Friends & Connections setting restricts the story to only the people you want to share it with, Friends sets the option to only people who are friends with the user on Facebook. The Custom option is used to specify who can see the story.

You can also modify these settings, even after your story is published by following the steps below.

  • Press and hold Your Story.

    Touch and hold Your story.

  • Select Edit Story Privacy.

Tap Edit Story Privacy.

  • Now select Public, Friends and connections, Friends only, Custom or Hide story from the option you want.

    Touch the option you want to choose.

Note: You can select Custom if you want to show your story to specific people and tap Hide Story if you want to hide your story from some people.

  • Select Save once you’re done and share it.

    Tap Save.

That’s the basics of the Facebook story. It’s a simple feature that adds another dimension to the social network, even if it’s a “blatant” copy of someone else’s idea.

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How do Facebook Stories work?

Facebook Stories features likes and comments and other reactions just like the rest of the social media platforms. The following are the steps to make it easier for you to understand how Facebook Stories works.

  • When you post a Facebook story, it appears at the top of News Feed.
  • When your friends post a story, their profile picture will appear along with the story.

Facebook Stories.

  • Stories that have not yet been viewed will have a blue circle around them, while those that are viewed will not.

Blue circle around the unseen story.

  • You can select the profile picture to view your story and it will play.

  • You can watch and move on. Sending messages to the person directly is also provided.

So this was all about how Facebook Stories works, hopefully you were able to understand the process.

frequent questions

Will Facebook notify someone if I view their story twice?

Answer: No, there is no rule to notify someone as many times as someone views your story. Facebook will only show the name of the person who viewed or reacted to the user story.

Can I add text to my Facebook story?

Answer: Yes, Facebook provides the facility to add text, music, stickers and many more to your story. Tap any option you want to add from the right side of the screen while editing your story.

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