Easy Guide On How You Can Blur Course Hero

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Easy Guide On How You Can Blur Course Hero

In the year 2022, where Covid-19 still exists and most things have been shifted completely online, various online education and learning platforms have emerged and have even been successful.

One such platform that has been around for a while is Course Hero. Since it was founded by college student Andrew Grauer in 2006, its motto has been to help students graduate and be confident. However, those who can’t afford it or are just curious how they can get the fuzzy answers for free from Course Hero, they are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can blur Course Hero answers and get them for free. So let’s dig into it!

What is Course Hero?

Since the time of Covid-19, many things have changed online and one of them is education. There are many online educational learning courses that offer help to students according to their different plans. There’s no way that the task you give people will always get done, or get them done exactly the way you want them to. However, this does not work the same way for students. There can be uniqueness in the work of each individual so that they can do the task they want to do. Since everyone is assigned different tasks or projects individually, they can do the homework and solve the questions in their own way.

How to blur Course Hero?

There are several ways to blur the responses of the Course Hero. As is the case with most things on the internet these days, you can buy the Course Hero subscription to get the answers, or get them for free in other ways. You have two options to blur Course Hero: there are official methods and unofficial methods, which means different tips and tricks. We have wrapped up both methods for you by following some easy steps. Read on to find out how you can use them.

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Official Methods

Using the methods given below, you can get the answers from Course Hero without blur.

  • Get a subscription to Course Hero

The most official and easiest way to unfocus Course Hero is by subscribing. For that, all you need is some $! Yes, that may sound disappointing, but that’s how fair play is played. It will not be a loss as Course Hero offers students a good package in their plans.

  • Upload documents to Unblur Course Hero for free

Using Course Hero for free officially is quite easy. All that is required are copies of original notes or documents. This means that the content must be authentic, meaning you own the copyright or have permission from the owner of the documents to upload them, and it must not be plagiarized.

After creating a free account, you must upload your notes or documents to the Course Hero site. And after uploading the original documents, you will have to wait anywhere from a few hours to three days. When the Course Hero team approves your documents, you’ll get free unlocks in an email.

You get 5 unlocks for every 10 documents successfully passed. And you can use 1 unlock to blur a Course Hero document. It is good practice to upload additional documents, just in case, as only the ones that will be accepted will count towards the number of free unlocks you will get. All unlocks you receive expire after 30 days from uploading the documents.

other methods

By using the methods given below, you can get the blur-free Course Hero answers for free. Read on and follow the steps to find out how.

  • Blur Course Hero using ‘Inspect Element’

This trick is easy to crack if you understand the basics.

  • First, go to the Course Hero website and select your course or the assignment you need help with.
  • Then open the document for which you want to see the responses.
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Select the document and click on it.

  • Right-click on it once it opens and select Inspect.

Tap on Inspect.

  • A window will open on the right containing the code for the page. You will find a ‘div’ tag with an anon-hide parameter in the opened window. If you don’t find the div tag right away, you can also use ‘Ctrl+F’ and search for the keywords ‘hidden’ or ‘hidden’.
  • Then right-click on the tag and select ‘Edit Attribute’ from the menu. Now, type ‘none’ for the new element ‘class’ and click ‘Enter’.
  • Via Discord and Telegram

Although Discord and Telegram are legal and official apps, there are many groups and communities that offer media files and documents or PDFs from apps like Course Hero. And those who want the answers for free get them by joining those groups.

  • Unblur Hero Course on your mobile

You can blur Course Hero on your iOS or Android device for free using a modded app. Before you get the app, you will need to change some settings on your device.

  • On your iPhone, go to the Settings app and tap on the ‘Battery’ option.

He plays drums

  • Then turn off low battery mode if it’s on.

Disable low battery mode.

  • Then go to General and tap on Background Refresh and turn it on.

Tap on General and open Background Update.

  • After that, make sure that Wi-Fi and mobile data are turned on.

Turn on Wi-Fi and mobile data.

  • Now go to Safari and search for ojapp.vip.

Open Safari and type ojapp.vip

  • Then go to its search bar and type Course Hero.

Type Course Hero and tap Get.

  • Now tap on the Share up arrow option and select Add to Home Screen.

Click Share and select Add to Home Screen.

So there you have it. Using any of the above methods should get you the free Course Hero answers without the blurriness. Now let’s see what are the prices and plans of Course Hero that it offers to the students.

Course Hero: prices and subscription plans

Like other educational learning platforms, Course Hero also has its own pricing and subscription plans. The following are the plans that Course Hero offers to students.

monthly plan quarterly plan Annual plan
$39.99 per month $19.95 per month $9.95 per month
1 month access You can ask up to 10 Tutor questions 3 months of access Billed $59.85 every 3 months You can ask up to 20 Tutor questions 12 months of access Billed $119.40 every 12 months You can ask up to 40 Tutor questions
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In addition to these prices and plans, Course Hero also offers the Hero Student Scholarship to students who are overcoming difficulties and obstacles in their college journey. They are awarded $5,000 per year until they graduate. We also have scholarships specifically for first-generation college students, community leaders, and veterans.

How to get Course Hero for free?

To get Course Hero for free, you can follow the points below:

  • To get 5 free unlocks, create an account on Course Hero and upload 10 documents.
  • And you will also get a free unlock when your document gets 5 thumbs up.
  • You will get a free unlock if 5 of your documents are unlocked.
  • To get 1 free unlock you can rate 5 questions or documents.
  • Go through 5 documents to get 1 free unlock.

Like Course Hero, Chegg is an educational platform that provides countless answers to your questions. But you need to know how to get free answers from Chegg in order to make the most of it.

frequent questions

How can we blur the answers in Course Hero?

Answer: Yes, blurring the answers in Course Hero can be quite easy. It can be done officially, like buying your subscription, or unofficially, by visiting Discord or Telegram to find your answers.

Can we get the answers for free in Course Hero?

Answer: While there is no official way to get the answers for free on Course Hero, people use unofficial methods that are not recommended.

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