Elon Musk aims to create an app like WeChat with Superapp X

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Elon Musk Super App X

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Elon Musk’s intention with super app X is to create a competitor to WeChat, which competes with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Tiktok.

Twitter is no longer in operation. After merging with X Corp., the company ceased to exist as a separate entity, raising suspicions about Elon Musk’s ambitions for the social media platform.

While it’s unclear what this change entails for Twitter, which has undergone a transition since the owner of Tesla bought it for $44 billion, it could be the first step in establishing Twitter. X, a super app that Elon Musk describes as an “app for everything.”

Musk, the world’s second-richest man, has shown interest in building X before finalizing the deal to buy Twitter.

Despite Elon Musk’s secrecy regarding his objectives, he has recorded his statements on Twitter and the new super application.

Musk owns the domain “X.com,” the name of the online payments company that launched and later merged with PayPal, as well as Tesla and Space X.

Musk originally formed a trio of Delaware holding companies dubbed “X Holdings” in April last year as part of his Twitter acquisition effort. However, X Corp. was formed on March 9 in Nevada, according to state documents. On March 15, it announced its merger with Twitter. According to the documents, Musk is the chairman of the company and its parent, X Holdings Corp., which was also formed last month and has an authorized capital of $2 million.

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“Musk could form a parent organization, similar to Alphabet, where he controls all of his companies,” said Mandeep Singh, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. “I don’t understand how e-commerce or payments can be superimposed on Twitter when its larger contemporaries like Google and Meta have struggled to become a consumer-facing one-size-fits-all app.”

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What is The Super App?

A super app, also known as an “everything app” by Musk, is one that provides a variety of services to consumers. Messages, social networks, direct payment systems and Internet purchases may belong to this category.

Scott Galloway is a professor of marketing at New York University and co-host of the technology podcast Pivot. He claimed last year that so-called mega apps are popular in Asia, as mobile devices are the primary means for people to access the Internet.

This would be the X App of Elon Musk

Elon Musk has experimented with “X, the app for everything.” According to the billionaire’s statements, such a platform would be similar to WeChat, which has evolved from a messaging service to a mini-internet used by more than a billion Chinese on a daily basis.

Some of Musk’s statements imply that his goal is to make Twitter a more useful tool, with capabilities similar to TikTok, a platform owned by ByteDance Ltd.

He also stated that it will be similar to other super apps used in Asia, which allow you to use an app to chat or even call a car.

According to Bloomberg, Elon Musk would like to include the following features in Superapp X:

  • Possibilities for holiday booking, restaurant reservations and food delivery at home.
  • Payment processing software.
  • The news service.
  • Functions similar to TikTok and Instagram.
  • Uber is a taxi booking service.
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Elon Musk stated during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting in August that he uses Twitter frequently and has suggestions on how to make the network “radically better.”

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How would Musk use Twitter to speed up the X Everything app?

Musk has already hinted at developing a Tesla phone. In addition, Tesla users can pay for products with the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. Perhaps the future of App X is that you can’t access Twitter until you download it.

Or perhaps your Twitter interface is getting new X buttons that act as a portal for Twitter users to enter the realm of X. Perhaps that universe is a metaverse.

Perhaps Twitter, or X, will be integrated into a future Tesla phone, allowing you to operate your Tesla vehicle and pay for Tesla services like supercharging and software updates with Dogecoin. Maybe X will also let you pay for Starlink internet and gain access to any other goods and services offered by Musk’s business empire.

Musk can potentially acquire additional apps and bring them into the realm of X. He can also form partnerships with companies like Uber, Lyft, Venmo, and Grubhub, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange. Considering that Twitter’s 200+ million daily active users are already in the realm of X, there will be a ready market for these other apps, making cooperation attractive to them.

What is WeChat?

Due to its immense popularity, which reaches 1.2 billion active users per month, this program is like the WhatsApp of China.

Millions of Chinese use WeChat to exchange messages, plan vacations, make payments, order food, etc.

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WeChat is described as a super app as it combines elements like Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber and Instagram.

Tencent, China’s largest technology firm and the world’s largest gaming company, owns WeChat.

Has WeChat been endorsed by the Chinese government since its inception in 2011? WeChat bills itself as “more than just messaging and social networking software” in its app store description, identifying itself as “a lifestyle for a billion people around the world” who can “chat and call your friends, share your memories, enjoy payment capabilities, and much more.”

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WeChat Tools

Below are some of the services provided by WeChat:

  • Sending text messages, photos, voice messages, videos and GPS coordinates.
  • Group conversations with a maximum of 500 people.
  • With up to nine people, you can make voice and video calls anywhere in the world.
  • Add photos, movies, and other media to your Memories thread.
  • Postal Service.
  • Stickers, real-time location tracking and mobile payments
  • Translation of messages in 18 languages

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