Elon Musk develops a machine to download our brains and personalities

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that he will be able to begin full-scale commercialization of a humanoid robot in 2023.

It is a mixture of fiction and reality. Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, has big plans for the future of humanity.

What the richest man in the world has in his boxes is likely to irritate more than one of his detractors. Above all, he raises ethical concerns. According to the billionaire, it will be possible to upload his brain abilities into humanoid robots in the near future.

“Can you imagine one day downloading our human brain capacity into an Optimus?” asked Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Business Insider’s parent company Axel Springer, in a recent interview.

Optimus is a robot introduced by Tesla in 2021. “I think it’s possible,” Musk replied.

“Which would be a different form of eternal life, because we would download our personalities into a bot,” Döpfner explained.

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Elon Musk agreed, but added: “Yes, we could download the features that we think set us apart. Of course, if you are no longer in that body, it will make a difference, but as far as preserving our memories and personalities, I think we can do it.”

Will you be able to transfer your mind anytime soon?

Musk doesn’t say no when asked if it’s imminent. “I’m not sure if there’s a clear line. It seems to be a lot smoother, in my opinion,” he progressed. “We already outsourced a lot of computing. Our photos and videos are stored on our phones and computers as memories. Computers and phones enhance our ability to communicate, allowing us to perform feats that were previously unthinkable.”

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“We have already massively amplified our human brains with computers,” he said.

The first Tesla robot, dubbed the “Tesla Bot,” was introduced in August 2021. It was 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 125 pounds. Musk described it as “the most important product development we’re doing this year” in January.

During the fourth quarter earnings call in January, Musk stated that the next big product Tesla is working on in 2022 is Optimus, a human in a robot suit that the company unveiled in August 2021. Musk stated that the Tesla Bot, as it was nicknamed, would use the same artificial intelligence systems that help power Tesla vehicles.

“I think the Optimus humanoid robot is the most important product development we’re doing this year. This, I think, has the potential to be more significant than the auto industry over time,” he told analysts. “When you look at the economy, it’s: work is the foundation of the economy. Capital equipment is labor that has been distilled. So what if there is no labor shortage? At the time, I’m not sure what the term “economy” means. That’s what Optimus is all about, and it’s crucial.”

Humanoid robots are here

Elon Musk stated in the interview that humanoid robots are almost there. “I certainly don’t want to have anything that could endanger humanity. Humanoid robots, on the other hand, are becoming a reality,” he stated. “AI is advancing at a breakneck pace.”

Musk sees other applications for these robots besides their use in Tesla factories, where they will perform repetitive tasks.

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“Optimus is a hard-working droid with a wide range of abilities. The starting role should be a repetitive, boring or dangerous job. Essentially, it’s a job that people don’t want to do,” the billionaire elaborated.

He also believes that Optimus will play a role in our daily lives because he is a “generally focused humanoid.”

According to Musk, a prototype of the Optimus will be ready by the end of the year and the vehicle will go on sale in 2023. “I think we’ll have something pretty cool at the prototype level this year, and it may be ready. for at least moderate volume production by the end of next year,” Musk promised.

Musk, on the other hand, admitted in 2018 that too much automation is a “mistake.”

.@Elon Musk agrees that Tesla relies on too many robots to make the Model 3 and needs more workers https://t.co/i0cqLePQIy

—Tim Higgins (@timkhiggins) April 13, 2018

Yes, Tesla’s over-automation was a mistake. To be more specific, it was my mistake. Humans are underestimated,” he wrote.

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