Empro Classic 2023 Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

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Empro Classic 2023 Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

On the weekend of June 17-18, 2023, the Empro Classic Pro was held in Alicante, Spain. There were two IFBB Pro League classes for men and four for women in this bodybuilding competition. Michal “Krizo” Krizanek won the men’s Open, qualifying him for the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition from November 2-5 in Orlando, Florida. Other competition winners include Ivanna Escandar in bikini, German Pastor Cueto in classic physique, Romana Skotzen in women’s physique, Jennifer Zienert in figure and Leonida Ciobu in wellness.

Empro Classic 2023 Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

Going into the competition, Krizanek was thought to be the favourite. His outstanding performance confirmed that conviction. He transitioned to the Pro League in 2022 after participating in the IFBB Elite Pro for several years, taking first place in the Prague Pro that year. Hadi Choopan won that year’s Mr. Olympia, in which he finished in 12th place. Those present claimed that Krizanek was in the best health of his Pro League career. It resulted in a second trip for him to the Olympics. Andrea Presti, who came in second place and had an excellent physique.

The winner of the Classic Physique contest was German Pastor Cueto, popularly known as German Pastor. Due to his victory in the 2023 Musclecontest Ireland Pro, he was automatically eligible for the 2023 Olympia. This is Cueto’s second professional victory in his career and in one season. According to the IFBB Pro League regulations, no qualification will be awarded if the pro champion is already qualified for the Olympia. Antoine Loth, who took second place, and David Martínez Campos, who won the bronze medal, will have to triumph in a different competition to secure a ticket to Orlando. Skotzen just finished second at the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow. Her first pro win earned her a spot at the Women’s Physique Olympia competition in 2023 as the ninth-ranked competitor. If she participates, it will be her first Olympia.

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Jennifer Zienert, the third professional performance of the 2023 season worked like a charm. She received a unanimous first place vote from the judges, earning her second pro win since 2021. By winning silver, Nadine Claudia Huber proves that she has what it takes to maybe win a pro before she finishes the season. The only champion to compete for the host nation in this competition was Escandar. The judges chose Escandar, who had previously qualified for the Olympics despite entering late, as the winner. This class also did not receive an Olympia qualification because she had already won the 2022 Bigman Weekend Pro. Leonida Ciobu won the fitness competition, making her the 11th participant to earn a spot in the 2023 Fitness Olympics. She is one of two Spanish athletes who have so far won places in the competition; the other is Sandra Colorado Acal, who finished in second place. The Orlando Pro 2023, which will take place on Saturday, July 1, 2023 in Orlando, FL, is the next men’s open event in the IFBB 2023 schedule. So, stay tuned for pkb news.

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