Enhance the viewing experience with a QR code for movies and TV series

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QR Code for Movie and TV Series

The film production industry is now getting in on the hype by integrating a QR code into movies and series.

Disney’s newest She-Hulk series is one of the latest TV productions to jump on the trend.

Midway through production, the producers of She-Hulk revealed a QR code that, once detected and scanned, will redirect viewers to a digital comic.

And with the free QR code generator emerging nowadays, it is inevitable that more movies and series will surprise their fans with QR code technology.

How to get the most out of your movie campaigns with QR codes?

If you plan to employ a QR code movie campaign for your next production, you may want to learn more about this technology.

Despite their size, QR codes can offer you numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

Redirect viewers to digital comics website

She-Hulk is one of the many series that surprised fans with a QR code.

Moon Knight, another Marvel-based production, immersed its viewers with a QR code not so hidden within the series.

Both productions used a URL URL code to take readers to their digital comic based on the Marvel website.

QR code movie for exclusive images

Even better, you can gift your movie fans with exclusive images via a QR code.

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You can generate an image QR code or H5 QR code to create your own gallery solely for this strategy.

You can upload behind-the-scenes cutaways and in-character shots, or you can take the idea from Umbrella Academy as an example.

The famous Netflix series also displayed a QR code within an episode, leading to a collection of tattoo icons.

Movie trailers with a video QR code for movies

Update your movie trailers with a video QR code using the most advanced QR code generator.

Iron Man 2 even used this trick.

It’s a great strategy that will set you apart from your competitors. You can convert your movie trailers to a QR code and implement them on your movie posters.

Increase merchandise sales with the QR code of series or movies

One way to promote your movies and series is through merchandising. The Star Wars film series was propelled through merchandise distribution.

They filled store shelves with action figures, T-shirts, toys, posters, cups and lunch boxes emblazoned with Star Wars characters.

You can also use a QR code for your movie series. Just generate a social media QR code solution. It’s a double-edged sword, really.

With this most advanced QR code generator tool, you can effectively promote your upcoming movie through social media and merchandising sales.

Social Media QR Code allows you to embed your social media links, online stores and merchandising dealers.

In one scan, your fans can see links to your movie’s social handles and official online stores where they can purchase your merchandise.

QR codes in movies for an enhanced viewing experience

This trend of movies with QR codes may not abate in the long term. Year after year, the use of QR codes increases. In 2022, QRTIGER saw a 443% increase in QR code scans compared to last year.

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And year after another, industries rely on this tool for their digital campaigns. One of them is the film industry.

With each new release, viewers are surprised with a QR code that often comes with a free website, exclusive, or limited time offer specifically for avid fans.

QR code integration takes you one step further than your competitors. Start your QR code for movie campaigns now with QRTIGER, the best QR code generator.

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