Every person wants to achieve success in life. In Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Lord Shri Krishna has said many such things that we can adopt in life and make our life successful. So let us know what those valuable things are.

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New Delhi, Table of Spirituality. Bhagwat Gita: During the Mahabharata war Lord Krishna told Arjuna valuable things. These teachings given by him are enshrined in the Bhagavad Gita. All those paths have been discussed in the Gita by following which one can attain salvation, Buddhahood, Kaivalya or Samadhi.

what is the importance of planning

If a person works according to the plan, then he will definitely succeed in life. That is why Shri Krishna says that before doing any work, he should make a plan. No one can stop you from succeeding.

Choose consistency wisely

You should always choose the people in your life wisely. Because the company has a lot to do with our lives. Even if you are good but your partner is not good, it won’t take long for you to go bankrupt. His example is present in the Mahabharata itself. Duryodhana always followed the path shown by his maternal uncle, so one day his entire kingdom fell into ruin.

incomplete knowledge is dangerous

Not having knowledge is harmful, but having incomplete knowledge is even more harmful. Because people with less knowledge continue to put their feet in every job unnecessarily. That is why Shri Krishna says that he should start any work only after getting full information about it. Otherwise, the person becomes the object of ridicule.

take care of this

In today’s time, it is foolish to blindly trust someone. Choose your friends wisely. Lord Krishna also says on this subject that one should always choose his friend only after research. Because a friend is a person who knows all your secrets.

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what is the formula to be happy

Lord Shri Krishna has described the mind as friend and enemy. The person who does not control the mind acts as an enemy to him. Along with this, God has also said that there is only one formula to be happy in this world and that is the reduction of desires.

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