Fact Check: Is Fuse ODG Arrested? Video shows UK police handcuffing him for ‘drug possession’

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Fact Check: Is Fuse ODG Arrested?  Video shows UK police handcuffing him for 'drug possession'

Shock waves have been blowing off Brixton ever since video went viral across the internet showing Grammy Award winning artist Fuse ODH being violently arrested in the UK. Yes, a Fuse ODH video is making noise on the internet and creating quite a buzz there. Ever since the news of Fuse ODH’s arrest appeared on the internet, it has been trending all over social media. As he is a world-renowned and acclaimed artist, the news of his arrest left fans in shock. They are frantic to find out why he was violently detained and what the charges are against him. Regardless, numerous questions have prevailed in people’s minds after learning of his arrest. However, we have answered every imperative question from our readers. Stay with this page until you read it to the end. Drag down the page and read more details.

Is Fuse ODG under arrest?

Fuse ODH is a Ghanaian-British artist. He is very popular for winning a Grammy award. Recently, he was seen in a video that went viral. The video shows the Grammy Award-winning artist being violently arrested by officers. In fact, the British police dragged the artist and violently handcuffed him. The singer was dominated by the officers. The singer was reportedly with a business associate when police dragged him away and handcuffed him. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Fuse ODG arrested over viral UK police video


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He was in the car when the incident occurred. In the video, the Ghanaian-British artist can be heard saying: “Are you angry, do you have a warrant?” Meanwhile, the singer has described the incident as racial profiling by UK authorities. The video clearly shows how the deputies violently arrested Fuse ODH. An officer told the artist: “The reason is to avoid damage.” The singer then asked, “Does it hurt you? He replied: “You too because you could grab the drugs and swallow them.”

What was the reason for the abrupt arrest of Fuse ODH? The officers reportedly claimed they smelled cannabis inside the car. Meanwhile, the officers proceeded to search the car to discover drugs inside the car. The officers recovered the drugs, but let the artist and his business associate go. Later, Fuse ODH posted a video to address the incident. He said: “I hardly shared this incident because I am tired of seeing videos like this in the first place, as I know many of you are. Secondly, because of my own sense of pride, honestly speaking, it’s embarrassing. I’m too king to be treated like this! So, with the above in mind, what you are seeing is actually a redacted version of events.”

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