Fact Check: Is Ibrahim Chatta Dead? Nigerian actor’s death hoax debunked

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Fact Check: Is Ibrahim Chatta Dead?  Nigerian actor's death hoax debunked

Recently, the news about Nigerian actor Ibrahim Chatta seems to make the public go crazy. Across the internet, many rumors are spreading like wildfire that actor Ibrahim Chatta is dead. After getting this kind of news, the fans are shocked when they get this news and they search the internet to know if this news is real or not. The death of Ibrahim Chatta has taken the internet by storm. However, the report is incorrect; the actor is still alive and well.

Ibrahim Chatta is alive or dead?

The death of Ibrahim Chatta was made public after he uploaded a photo to his Instagram profile. The image showed him lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by cables and pipes. He has the words “Pls Stay Safe”. The image showed him receiving blood and oxygen. People responded by suggesting that the Nollywood actor was unwell, while others said that he was dead. Ibrahim reacted, denying the rumors and stating that he was not dead. He explained that the shot was from a scene from a movie he was making and that he was trying to keep his followers up to date on his latest activities. Ibrahim also thanked those who contacted him to ask about his health and apologized to his fans and supporters for the inconvenience.

Ibrahim Chatta

Ibrahim Chatta, born Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta, is a well-known Nollywood actor, producer, musician, and writer. He was born on October 13, 1970 in Bachata, Kwara State, Middle Belt of Nigeria. The actor is of Tapa (Nupe ethnic group) descent, and his mother is from Modakeke, Osun State. He is the youngest of 14 children from a large Muslim family. Ibrahim received his school certificate from Saint Bridges Catholic Elementary School in Bachata. He then attended a government secondary school until he was sent to Aggiea, Niger state, due to his behavior. In his early years, he was known for his rowdy behavior, frequently getting into fights and causing trouble. He then enrolled at Dende High School in Aggiea, but dropped out to pursue self-education through online courses and programs.

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Ibrahim Chatta

Ibrahim had three marriages. He was previously married to Olayinka Solomon and Salamatu Mohammed Lafiaji, with whom he reportedly had a son named Malik. Ibrahim is currently married to his third wife, Laide (born Lizzy Berry). She is an aspiring actress. The couple married on October 1, 2016 and will have a daughter in 2020. Ibrahim was passionate about theater and attended plays whenever a theater company came to town. He saw great actors perform such as Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello), Ray Eyiwunmi (baba Ray) and the late Duro Ladipo.

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