Firefox adds 3 new extensions to the Android browser to improve the user experience

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Mozilla Firefox New Extensions

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The Mozilla Firefox online browser has gotten three new add-ons or extensions for its mobile version, which is known as the Firefox for Android browser. Users will have a better experience browsing the web thanks to this, and certain tasks will be easier.

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The user’s email address can be hidden while registering on a website, tracking components can be removed before a URL is shared, and articles can be listened to. These are just some of the extensions Mozilla Firefox has received.

Users can hide their valid email addresses using the “Firefox Relay” extension. It’s a more robust security feature that will help them hide their identity and make it easier for them to do so. Because of this, websites and other online entities would not be able to collect your email address and use it for marketing or any other purpose.

When it comes to the ReadAloud extension, it will give users the ability to listen to any article instead of reading it. They will have more time available as a result of this. ReadAloud uses text-to-speech technology to convert text on web pages to audio, as noted in a Mozilla blog post. It works well on various websites, such as news, blogs, fan fiction, magazines, textbooks, school and classroom websites, online institution websites, and online course materials.

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Additionally, the browser was updated to include the “ClearUTL” plugin, which allows users to remove tracking components from unprotected URLs they have visited.

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“There are several different reasons why websites include tracking components in URLs; however, the more important reason is that it is used to track you.” “ClearURLs works by removing the tracking parts of the links, leaving you with a clean, easy-to-understand URL,” Mozilla explained.

Meanwhile, Mozilla, Apple and Google have partnered to improve the overall experience for users when accessing the Internet. The three people are currently working to develop a web-based benchmarking tool that will work analogously to benchmarking tools for mobile performance. The Speedometer 3 projects will be a “cross-industry collaborative effort” to evaluate the performance of various applications developed by Google, Apple and other companies in real time.

You’ll simulate user interactions across various workloads to assess the responsiveness of your web application. The main objective of the platform will be to provide the most accurate experience possible on the web. Ultimately, users will benefit from it and their overall online browsing experience will improve.

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Nobody builds a website on purpose with the idea that it will be slow or stutter. Although the Internet is designed to provide seamless experiences, it often falls short. “Users are negatively affected each time this occurs,” Mozilla tweeted.

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