Five Canadians you will catch in this season’s NFL draft

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Five Canadians you will catch in this season

We know that Canada does not have their own team in the NFL, seeing that it stands for the American National Football League – but five of the players this year are from our home country. The season is off to a swinging start, and we all love placing a bet on our favorite team, so let’s investigate the sports stars of Canada who have been drafted into the NFL. Where are they now? Who do they play for, and is their team going to win the league? Let’s find out.

Chase Claypool

After being acquired by the Chicago Bears at the 2022 NFL trade deadline, Chase Claypool has now been swapped to the Miami Dolphins. The 25-year-old from Abbotsford, Canada, had a bad time at the Bears after feeling like he had been placed in the wrong position for his game. The Bears had been struck with a four-week losing streak, so though the whole team was in a problematic downturn, Chase was unhappy with it all. Luckily, the Dolphins were available for a swap, and his NFL draft for 2023 has taken a brilliant turn. He plays the position of a wide receiver and has previously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has not been playing for too long, as he is just 25, but he had already been offered 10 college football programs before joining Notre Dame. He featured in 12 games in every season of the four he played as an Irish player, and it was in his senior year that he got noticed.

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Playing for the Miami Dolphins is probably the best thing to happen to Chase now, as they currently have a 6-3 record and first-place standing in the AFC East, and we’re already halfway through the season. The rocky start at the beginning of the NFL period could have been detrimental to Chase’s future, but with this season NFL odds for the Miami Dolphins, we’re extremely optimistic about where he will manage to get in his career.

Jevon Holland

Another Canadian making the Dolphins team as strong as can be is 23-year-old Jevon Holland. Miami already features some of the best players in the game, with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, and now with two Canadians, they are going to be at the top of their game. Known as the ‘secret star’ of the Miami defense, this 2023 second-round drafting has turned into a mighty success. Holland previously played college football at Oregon, before getting drafted in 2021. Over the last two years, he has made his mark on the industry, proving that Canadians make the NFL better.

Chuba Hubbard

Chuba Robert Hubbard is a 24-year-old Canadian running back for the Carolina Panthers. Previously a 2,000-yard rusher for Oklahoma State, he spent most of his two pro seasons as a backup to some of the other sports stars he worked with. With his team ready to face off against Miami next, and his teammate being injured, Hubbard has the chance to show off his skills in replace of his superstar teammate. So far this season, Hubbard has had 154 rushing yards, 57 receiving, and 47 touches in just five weeks, therefore he may be slower and, on the sidelines, than some, but he is making an effort – and it is paying off.

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John Metchie III

Currently, the youngest Canadian of the bunch, John Metchie III is just 23 years old and plays for the Houston Texas NFL draft team. Only returning to the field this year, Metchie has only just recovered after his offseason before his rookie year, as he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Thankfully, he’s back and fighting fit, and is ready for a comeback. He is no stranger to a comeback, seeing that he blew his knee in his college power Alabama team, and is only returning now. He plays for a brilliant team that’s breaking in No.2, so we’re sure he will fit in well, and we’ll see plenty of potential. His NFL debut is nothing short of a miracle, and we’re so glad a Canadian is paving the way for fighters everywhere.

Josh Palmer

24-year-old Canadian Josh Palmer is being relied on by his NFL team, the LA Chargers, but he has sadly been struck with a knee injury this week. The player is the Chargers’ biggest asset right now after he was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2021 NFL draft. He played college football in Tennessee, and he has his eyes set on a prosperous career that may find him hitting the Super Bowl. He plays beside some of the greats like Kellen Moore and Justin Herbert, so watch this space.

Though there are only five Canadians drafted this season for the NFL, they’re all players with a lot of promise, who all prove that they have what it takes.

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