Florida Boy, 11, Arrested For Making A Hoax 911 Call About School Shooting To 'Go Home Early'

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Florida Boy, 11, Arrested For Making A Hoax 911 Call About School Shooting To 'Go Home Early'

In an era where teenagers showcase street smarts and resourcefulness, a fine line exists between playful pranks and decisions that have substantial consequences.

While commendable for their ingenuity, adolescents need to discern the potential impact of their actions and respect established boundaries. Here is a case that reminds us of just that!

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Where did the incident happen?

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, USA, arrested an 11-year-old boy for reporting a fake school shooting to skip classes and “go home early.”

What did the teenager do?

The distressing 911 call reporting a school shooter at Marion Oaks school prompted a swift response from law enforcement, including a SWAT team, aviation unit, and K-9s.

The juvenile suspect executed the ill-conceived prank by making a false 911 call from an unattended cell phone belonging to a friend. His motive was simply to leave school early, raising questions about the potential consequences of such pranks on the educational community and law enforcement.

What did law enforcement do?

The charges filed against the 11-year-old include falsely reporting a mass shooting, utilizing a two-way communication device for a felony, disrupting a school function, and misusing the 911 emergency system. The severity of these charges underscores the gravity of the situation.

In the released 911 audio, panic ensues as the boy frantically informs the operator about a supposed school shooter, leading to the evacuation of the school and a comprehensive police search. 

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Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods expressed his dismay, condemning the young prankster for instigating terror within the educational community.

The sheriff emphasized the serious consequences awaiting the child, including restitution for the substantial costs incurred by law enforcement in responding to the false report. 

What does Florida’s law say about such cases?

According to Florida law, the young boy will be responsible for compensating the “hundreds upon hundreds of man-hours” expended in addressing the prank He added, “This young man is going to need to mow a lot of lawns to pay that bill.”

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