Florida teacher under investigation for showing a Disney film with a gay character: LGBTQ restrictions apply

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Florida Investigation Teacher Who Showed A Disney Film

Recently, the news about a Florida teacher is going viral on the internet. Everyone is surfing the internet to know about the ongoing research on her. The public likes to hear about his case as he was reportedly under investigation for showing a Disney movie. Everyone goes through the Internet to know about it too. In this article, we are going to give all the details about it. We are not just going to give research information to our readers in this article. Read on to find out more about her and the ongoing research.

Florida teacher under investigation for showing Disney movie

A Florida teacher says she is being investigated by the state Department of Education and her school after she showed her fifth graders an animated Disney movie featuring a gay character. Jenna Barbee, a teacher at Winding Waters K-8 in Brooksville, about an hour north of Tampa, claimed in a widely shared TikTok video that she was accused of playing the 2022 movie “Strange World” on May 3 by a parent who he also sits on the local school board. Barbee raised a related charge last week during a school board meeting. Ethan Clade, a gay character in the PG-rated animated film about a renowned family of explorers, harbors feelings for another male character.

LGBTQ restriction applied

LGBTQ restriction applied

Requests for a response from Barbee were not immediately returned. She said in the TikTok video that her father and Hernando County School Board member who reported her to the state accused her of promoting LGBTQ identities among students and endangering her safety. “This is a public education system where students of all socioeconomic, racial, and religious levels are accepted and should be honored and represented. “I am not indoctrinating anyone into adopting my beliefs, and I never would,” Barbee added. “However, I will always be a safe place to go that promotes kindness, positivity and compassion for everyone,” she said.

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Florida teacher under investigation for showing gay Disney movie

He claimed in his TikTok video that despite the film’s opening statement about his crush, his sexuality is never discussed again. In addition to linking her class’s science lectures to the sci-fi movie, Barbee, a freshman teacher, said she also wanted to give her kids a break after a long day of standardized testing. She noted that at the beginning of the academic year, her parents gave her written consent for her to show her children PG-rated movies. “Is there a gay character in the movie? Certainly,” she replied. Do you know why I showed it? No.”

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