From ‘The Kashmir Files’ to ‘The Kerala Story’: Are These Political Thrillers Causing A Breakdown Of The Peace?

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Films in India not only reflect the socio-cultural traditions but also represent the traditions of the political development that is going on in recent times in Bollywood.

These days, the ‘History’ and ‘Files’ movie genres are standing up to be the talk of the town. With the success of Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’, Vipul Shah’s ‘The Kerala Story’ is creating a lot of buzz in the market, where Bollywood is stirring history to bring out the untold truths of such Indian provinces.

Movies occupy a significant part of the media products that people consume. In India, cinema is considered as a means of individual or social transformation and has contributed to the formation of society after the independence era by building current social issues. However, at the same time, the effectiveness of such stories leaves an impact on society so that people understand the psychological science that comes with them for many.

For years, film has stood out as one of the most complex yet powerful art forms in the world today, where our nation has had a rich filmmaking tradition and the impact on youth continues to be tremendous.

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People watch movies for personal reasons, but while watching, the scenes create a conscious or subconscious impact on one’s mind. From emotional romance to political romance and thrillers, the ideas and imagination of Indian cinema have always remained huge.

The images that are represented on the screen can sometimes create tangled waves synchronized with the social aspirations where the basic impulse of humanity is created on the screens. Indian cinema is no longer taboo but the representation of certain information has virtually created social chaos in the society.

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Movies like ‘The Kashmir Files’ and ‘The Kerala Story’ are not subtle. In various scenes, one will find the thirst for anger and a certain hatred towards a religion inflicting torture and humiliation. Although Hindus make up four fifths of India’s population, these films present the condition of those states where large groups have turned against each other.

However, one must see it as more than just a glorified activity in the presence of stigma, which would be a misrepresentation. However, these movies are released in India at such dangerous times that India’s Muslim minority has taken a sudden rise.

Previously, romantic or angry men stories served as the main figure of a movie with a political shadow, however, nowadays, political or police thrillers try to tell the contemporary political history of the nation and brand it under the genre of ‘ political thriller’. However, in the process of creating the film, it tries to expose the details and limits of one’s political understanding. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that these political forays on the Hindi screen are the fact that political narratives haven’t come of age to assert their claims and are turning from a minor to a bigger story over time.

India is faltering with the rise in political drama over the years, which is surprising as we are a politically aware people living in a prosperous democracy. Therefore, one can only guess that the reason people deliberately steer clear of political cinema is due to government control over the industry in visible and sometimes invisible ways.

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Looking at the massive box office collections of movies, you can’t say the industry is at risk, but yes, taking an approach towards creativity can be risky. But, over the years, the country has shunned politics and concocted its unique approach that has undoubtedly created havoc in some parts of the country.

We are aware that there is a much larger world out there with potential readers with their perspectives on many issues, but most important of all, be aware of the political dimension of cinema, where the facts can sometimes be misleading as well.

But the story does not end here, the political animal continues to seek its freedom on the grass of the Hindi screen and hits hard.

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