Gabriella Shammas Obituary: What Happened To Gabriella Shammas In Expressway Accident?

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gabriella shammas

A woman named Gabriella Shammas died in a terrific accident. Her passing has shattered the whole internet right now. Her close ones are in a devastating situation right now. Her unexpected passing has sent shockwaves in the lives of her community. She was a 22-year-old woman who suddenly died. Not just Gabriella including her other woman also died in the same accident. Since the accident occurred, people have been searching for this accident. This accident is known as the Staten Island Expressway accident. This accident happened on Sunday. To know the exact details of this accident read this article till the end.

Gabriella Shammas Obituary

Gabriella Shammas was a 22-year-old woman who lost her life on 3rd September 2023, Sunday. She passed away in a tragic accident. This was a car accident which took the life of two women. Both the women were inside the Chevy Corvette. When they were inside the car the car got crashed and the car immediately caught fire. This accident happened on the Staten Island Expressway. This accident happened on Sunday night. The name of the other woman who died in this accident was Jiana Pichetola. She was also a 22-year-old woman. Scroll down to learn more about this accident.

gabriella shammas

Gabriella Shammas died in a horrific car incident on the Staten Island Expressway. Another woman named Jianna Pischetola also died in this accident. Both the 22-year-old woman lost her life on 3rd September 2023, Sunday. According to the reports, Jianna was steering eastbound in her sports car on the expressway and this accident happened when she turned her case into a guardrail which is near Clove Road just after 11:00 pm on Sunday. Because of that turn her car got flipped over and the car crashed into a 2018 Ford F150 pickup truck traveling which was in the middle lane of the eastbound thorofare. Continue reading.

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Gabriella Shammas

The sports car continued flipping along the roadway. And when the car got stopped it caught fire and the car got burst into flames. Gabriella was taken out of the case during the time of the collision. Both the women were immediately taken to the hospital but the doctors declared them dead. The driver of the pickup truck is safe and the other two passengers inside the vehicles are safe. And they didn’t sustain any injuries. The close ones of Gabriella Shammas have raised a fund on GoFundMe. This fun has been organized with Sam Picardi, Sam has organized the fund on behalf of the family of Shammas.

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