Garuda Purana: The 4 Rules for Moksha and Success in Life

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The Garuda Purana is considered one of the Mahapuranas in Hinduism. It is believed that reading or listening to the Garuda Purana can alleviate worries and bring success in life. This sacred text contains a conversation between Lord Vishnu and his divine vehicle Garuda Deva, and Lord Vishnu is said to obtain moksha from any good deed done by a person during his lifetime. In this article, we will explore the four rules for salvation and success as outlined in the Garuda Purana.

1. The Rules of Charity and Dharma

The Garuda Purana emphasizes the importance of charity and dharma. It states that a person should engage in charitable works to help others and bless them with wealth and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is said to be pleased with those who engage in charitable works and bestows blessings on them. In addition, it is believed that those who give alms achieve salvation after death.

2. Immoral earnings

The Garuda Purana warns against earning money through immoral means, as such wealth can lead to destruction. It warns against the greed that comes with immoral wealth and the wrath of Goddess Lakshmi that follows. The text advises people to follow the path of truth and religion and earn money through ethical means.

3. Respect for Women

The Garuda Purana stresses the importance of respecting women. He claims that Goddess Lakshmi always resides in places where women are respected. Misbehaving towards women is considered a serious offense and can lead to punishment in both Yamaloka and Dhartiloka. The text warns against insulting women as it angers the goddess Lakshmi.

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4. Respect for elders and parents

In addition to dharma and adharma, the Garuda Purana stresses the importance of respecting elders and parents. The text states that deities reside in places where elders and parents are respected and served. Goddess Lakshmi blesses those who respect the elderly with wealth and prosperity. The text advises people to respect the elderly and avoid problems in life.

Following these four rules as outlined in the Garuda Purana is believed to bring success in life and moksha after death. It is essential that people follow these guidelines to achieve a virtuous and fulfilling life.

The Garuda Purana is a sacred text that stresses the importance of leading a virtuous life. It provides guidance on how to achieve success in life and moksha after death. The four rules described in the text (charity and dharma, ethical earnings, respect for women, and respect for elders and parents) are believed to be essential to leading a fulfilling life. Following these rules can bring blessings and prosperity from Goddess Lakshmi and ultimately lead to salvation. It is important that people incorporate these rules into their daily lives in order to achieve a virtuous and fulfilling life.

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